She’s been through too much already.

I rescued my cat from neighbors who were abusing her. She was nothing but bones when I took her in,and so weak she would stumble into walls. When I took her to the vet,they found a BB stuck in her belly. We moved to a rural area with a bad tick problem,so I bought the Hartz flea and medicine. I put this junk on her this morning,and she just hasn’t been acting right all day. I thought the medicine was bothering her,so I looked up some stuff on it. Oh god,why did I have to buy this garbage? I have washed it off of her,and I’m watching her. She hasn’t thrown up or anything like that yet and her energy is picking up a little. I’m not even going to sleep until I know she’s ok.  I left a message for my vet,I hope he says she’s going to be ok.

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