Hartz Killed our baby and my pregnant wife’s companion


Hi Everyone, on March 31st or angel was 9 months old. This video showed the painful process she went to. Unfortunately it was too late, she did not make it through the night in time to take her to the vet. This was the result of adding 2 drops which is less than the recommended dosage.

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  1. UPDATE: Talked to Hartz yesterday, they want me to dig our angel up and put her in the refrigerator for testing, what kind of sick company is this?

  2. I am so sad for you Jeremy! So sorry for your loss.. Hartz has hurt/killed/maimed so many beloved pets. I too lost my pet cat, Bianca on 8/22/10. She died in 3 minutes of using a “nonmedicated” shampoo. She had seizures, and died almost immediately due to the toxins in the shampoo. Please accept my most sincere condolences over your loss. Please see our Facebook page we started to spread the word. “Hartz products are killing our pets” We provide information as to how to file a complaint against Hartz and information to be included in a class action suit against Hartz. Your video would definitely assist in getting the word out there and hopefully get all Hartz products off the shelves. – Best Regards Heather

  3. I am deeply sorry for your loss, Jeremy. Your video was too painful to watch, but unfortunately it has happened to many pets, and will continue to happen year after year until these products are removed from the market.

    There are several pending lawsuits against Hartz and other manufacturers of these products. Here is one that was filed last year:


    Please consider joining one of these lawsuits. It may be the only way to get these products off of the market (the EPA is apparently not willing or able to do so).

  4. To the best of my knowledge, the lawsuits are still pending. Here’s an article regarding them, which was written last year:


    Here is contact information for one of the lawyers involved in a lawsuit against Hartz:

    Jacqueline Mottek
    Positive Legal Group
    [email protected]
    415.302.5371 (cell)

    Another option would be to file a lawsuit in your local small claims court.

    Here’s an article about a man who recently filed a lawsuit against Hartz in small claims court and won:


    The jury believed that he was more credible than Hartz’ attorney.

  5. Update: The lawsuits against Hartz, Sergeant’s, Summit VetPharm (Vectra 3D), and Farnam (Bio Spot) are definitely pending! If anyone’s pet was seriously harmed by a flea and tick product from these companies and is interested in joining a class action lawsuit, please contact:

    Jacqueline Mottek
    Positive Legal Group
    [email protected]
    415.302.5371 (cell)

  6. Jeremy, you mentioned that you contacted Hartz and they wanted you “to dig our angel up and put her in the refrigerator for testing, what kind of sick company is this?”

    Well, they are plenty sick. I’m not telling you to ignore their advice but I will tell you that this is a common tactic employed by Hartz. They often ask a pet owner to forward the body to an “independent medical expert” who will perform a necropsy and/or other veterinary tests. Generally, these “experts” are people who have a relationship with Hartz or have performed this work for them previously (in other words, a revenue stream for the “expert”). I know of no case where Hartz or their experts have returned results that held Hartz culpable. The answers are always the same–“underlying medical condition”, “age of the animal”, “no conclusive results”, etc.

    Again, I’m not suggesting that you decline their offer. I WOULD suggest you consult with your veterinarian. I will tell you that veterinarians, toxicologists and other veterinary medical experts agree that the pesticide neurotoxin ingredients in these products breaks down very quickly in the animal–generally within 24-48 hours–after the death, and becomes nearly, if not completely, undetectable in the necropsy. Hartz and other manufacturers are, of course, well aware of this which is one of the reasons they make this “offer”.

    Make your own decisions, but be aware that an “offer” of a necropsy or other post-mortem procedure beyond the first 48 hours can be a shallow gesture.

    Incidentally, I sincerely hope you have contacted the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC) to report this tragedy. I’m very sorry that this has happened to you and your family; my sincere sympathy.

  7. I’m sorry to ask, but are the any products in the market that are safe to combat Fleas & Tick for my dog? Thanks.

  8. I am so sorry for the loss of your pet. I lost my cat two months ago by using Sergeants flea and tick treatment. He seized for hours before he finally passed away. I filed a complaint to them and their comment was.. Are you sure this was what killed your cat?? Well lets see.. He was 2-1/2 years old and he hadnt been sick a day in his life until I used this deathly product. I work in a retail store that sells this poison and believe me.. I tell my story to all that try to purchase it. I leave it up to them to decide if they still want to purchase it.. and usually I dont make a sale when I tell them what happened to my Smokey. I also wrote a letter to the editor in our local newspaper warning other pet owners. Depending on the rules of your newspaper, they may not publish it because of fearing of being sued, but I was lucky and our newspaper published it. There is an account on Facebook that has Hartz Kills Animals.. Go there and sign up.. it is a wonderful support group. You are not alone… We all been there.. and we all are fighting for the loss of our pets. May God bless you! Hugs~ Angie

  9. I am so very sorry for your loss. I am balling for you right now. God bless you and your lossed loved one. This needs to stop now!! Thank you for sharing this heart breaking story. It has saved my dogs life, after I administerd Hartz progaurd, I saw this, and washed it off. God bless you, I will pray for you.

  10. I am literally hysterical and can’t breathe after watching your video. I can’t believe that your poor little puppy had to go through that. Does this company know what it’s doing? Do they know that to some people animals mean a LOT more than just an accessory? Do they know that even if they don’t care about the death or suffering of an animal, that to a person who loved that animal it can be a devastating life changing event? If they’re going to sell a shitty fucking product, why not just fill all of the tubes with water? At least animals wouldn’t be dying after the application. I hope this company goes down in flames and that the people responsible for allowing this product to go on the market are severely punished. I’m so sorry for your family. Please don’t blame yourselves. You had no idea. I had no idea about Hartz until someone sent me this site. Thank you for telling your story because you’re saving other animals from being hurt. I will tell everyone I know to stay far, far away from Hartz products.

  11. What happened to your lovely dog sadly happen to my pitbull 2 week’s ago everything she went through my dog did as well,I had no idea a simple thing as giving her treatment for flea’s would ultimately kill her..This fucking product is killing people’s beloved pet’s..Information is power so please tell all you know about these horrible product’s so that other’s wont have to suffer the lost of love one’s.

  12. I also could not watch the video, the topic was enough to upset me. I’m am extremely sorry about your loss, you were being a good pet parent and trying to protect your precious friend. I don’t understand how a company could promise to protect your animals and end up killing them. Let’s face it…so many similar stories, side effects, and results from this medicine. CAN NOT be accidental. I know you can’t have your baby back, but your story has helped me and it seems, may others. I believe everything has a purpose, as messed up and heart-breaking as this situation is, you must know your pet’s death, or life for that matter…is not in vain. I saw the info-commercial for this product and thankfully did a search instead of typing in the web address, I read this headline and came here first. I have a dog who was born blind, then got glaucoma, then had his left eye removed…at the age of 2. I have another dog who was born with severely deformed front legs and is unable to walk. If I bought this stuff and harmed my already disable animals, well I can’t say that a law suit is the action I would of taken. Thank you for your story, you more than likely just saved two innocent lives and saved me a grief that would be too much to bare. I will be sharing this story on Facebook, as well as with the animal groups I’m involved with. This needs to be made more know, I would purpose the lawyers put out a commercial like the ones associated with harmful pharmaceutical medicines for people. This must be paramount information and this company must take this off of the shelves. There is no reason why Hartz should not be held responsible and pay for every victim they have made. With my deepest sympathy, I am heart-broken for you…

  13. This video literally made me cry. I’m so very sorry for your loss! I was considering purchasing this product for my 2 huskies to use while waiting for my ordered frontline to come in. I’M SO GLAD I READ THESE REVIEWS FIRST!! I would just die if anything happened to my babies. Thank you so much for sharing your story and video, however devastatingly sad it may be. I sincerely hope that you go through with taking some legal action against this horrible company. It’s so sad that they’re willing to kill pets to make a buck.

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