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well I am glad I saw this on Facebook… Last year, I put 1 tube of this flea treatment on my cat…. she acted really weriod… and lost all the hair on her neck and down her back… it looked really bad…. didn’t have to use anymore on her .. she had been an indoor only cat for 9years… when she decided to visit the great I needed something  for fleas.. was thinking about using it again on her but was going to only use like half of the tube thinking the reaction wouldn’t be as bad…. now I can see how lucky we are to still have her… I am going to return this stuff for a refund….

Close Call with Hartz Flea Collar

Reading the stories on this website are heart-wrenching. I am so sorry for everyone here who has lost a pet (or almost lost one). If it is any consolation, reading your stories, and the advice of your vets, probably saved my Yorkie’s life.

Last week, we bought a Hartz “Ultraguard Plus Flea & Tick Collar” for Mickey, my 5 pound Yorkie. I got the smallest one possible. He had worn a flea collar in the past without any problems. (The brand was not Hartz) We put the collar on him and everything was fine. However, the next morning, Mickey was unable to walk and appeared to be having a seizure. Mickey has had issues with hypoglycemia in the past, and my brother assumed he was having an attack. My brother got him to eat and drink some water, and after about 15 minutes, Mickey started feeling better.

The next morning, the same thing happened, which is incredibly unusual, because Mickey has never had two attacks in a row. My brother sat with him, trying to feed him, and took off the collar because according to him, “The flea collar smell was overpowering.” I went to visit him, and he tried to get up to see me, but he couldn’t walk. His legs and back were stuck in a locked position and he couldn’t unflex his muscles. I picked him up and petted him and tried to get him to eat. He started crying and whimpering like he was dying. I finally got him to eat some treats. While I was petting him, I noticed his collar was incredibly tight, to the point of choking him. I thought my brother had tightened it on accident, so I took it off immediately. About 15 minutes later, he could walk again.

That day Mickey did fine, but the next day (Sunday) when my brother came home, Mickey was sitting in his bed, unable to move again, whimpering pathetically and pawing at his neck. My brother called me, saying his neck was swollen and he was crying. I knew it was not related to hypoglycemia, because we’d been carefully monitoring his food intake. We had taken the collar off days before, but because of the swollen neck, I suspected it might the flea collar. I googled “flea collar swollen neck” and your website popped up.

Thank GOD you guys are here. I read through the stories and immediately called my brother and told him to give Mickey a bath with Dawn dish soap  and to get him to drink water. My brother gave him two vigorious baths and dried him off. I stayed up until 5AM texting him every 20 minutes, asking if Mickey was okay, if he was having another attack or crying.

Monday night I visited Mickey, and he was doing great, running around and playing with his toys. Yesterday he was doing well, too, so I think he is “out of the woods” (hopefully).

If it wasn’t for your website, I would have spent hundreds (possibly thousands) of dollars taking Mickey to the vet, only to be told he needed a bath (and fluids) because of that awful flea collar. And if we had waited 12 hours to get him to a vet, who knows if he would have been okay.

I honestly can’t believe anyone could sell these toxic products, kill innocent pets, and be able to sleep at night. It’s disgusting. They know their products are killing pets and they don’t care. I can’t imagine losing Mickey because I bought a product I ASSUMED was safe. If this was an isolated incident, whatever, maybe my dog was just “sensitive” to the toxins in their flea collars. But reading all your stories, it is apparent that is not the case. I can’t believe how toxic their products seem to be on cats. It’s awful. Having to watch your pet suffer is horrible. Knowing that the suffering is completely pointless and preventable makes it intolerable. Shame on Hartz and the retailers who sell their products!

But I’d like to say thank you, again, to everyone who shared their stories and experiences, because it helped save Mickey’s life. But at the same time, I’m so, so sorry to those of you who racked up vet bills and still lost your pets. It’s absolutely disgusting what Hartz does, and I hope their products will be taken off the shelves!

How to Stop Hartz

Here’s how to stop Hartz from selling these dangerous products: put the professionals to work on it. Every state in the US has a state attorney general whose job description includes protecting consumers in their state. Everyone whose pet has been injured or killed by a Hartz product should do this:

1) Pull together evidence about the damage caused, including a statement from your veterinarian, photocopies of bills, the cost to replace your pet (if it died), etc.

2) Send a letter to Hartz that
a) requests reimbursement for your damages and
b) requests that Hartz stop manufacturing the product that caused the damage. Be sure to give the name of the product and say that you used the product according to instructions.

3) Important: In the letter to Hartz, include a cc: that gives the title, name & address of your state attorney general.

4) Important: Make a photocopy of everything you sent to Hartz, and send the photocopy to your state attorney general.

You will receive a letter from your state attorney general promising to look into it — and they will look into it. This greatly improves your chances of receiving compensation from Hartz. But more importantly, if state attorneys general start receiving a lot of letters about Hartz, they may take action against the company. And, unlike individual consumers, they have the clout to make a company change its ways.

Why didn’t I listen to our Vet?

I am still trying to hold back the tears and having a hard time letting go of the guilt. Our Vet had advised in using a safer flea protection for our cats and suggested some of the products that they sell. I did not do any research and decided that I would try to go with a cheaper brand. I purchased Hartz UltraGuard PRO last week and gave both of my cats applications on Sunday evening. During Monday morning feeding time my loving cat Winky did not come to eat even though I called several times. After searching I found him unable to get up or move. I took him to the Vet immediately and after exam was told that he was critical and I needed to make a decision. I signed a release in order for the Vet to treat and try to save Winky. Unfortunately it was too late….he didn’t last long.
Through my own ignorance of not doing research and not keeping close check on my cats after the application, there is yet another victim. Please keep informed for your pet’s sake and help in the campaign to keep poisons out of pet care products.


I took my 3 month old twin cats (Tom & Jerry) to the vet on a Friday for the rabies & distemper shots.  The vet found a few fleas on them so and told me to get Frontline for them both.  I went to Wal-Mart after their appointment and was looking at cheaper products and found Hartz UltraGuard Flea & Tick dip for Cats & Dogs.  I dipped them both that night.  I figured they were both worn out beings that they each had the same shots and got dipped because they slept all day, all night, and all day Saturday.  Saturday night, Jerry was back to his usual self.  Meanwhile, Tom was just sleeping and sleeping, and sleeping.  He would barely open his eyes, wouldn’t drink, eat, didn’t go to the bathroom, and just would not play with his brother Jerry.

We had a birthday party that Sunday for my fiance, and Jerry wasn’t as active as he was Saturday.  I think it’s because of all the people that were at the house.  Tom, on the other hand, was as hot as can be.  He had a fever and everything.  I had bought a dropper so I could give Tom water by hand to keep him hydrated.  His fever broke at one point because his nose was cool again but he still wasn’t himself.  I called the vet Monday morning and they wanted to see him immediately.  I told them that I dipped him and they said that Hartz is very toxic!  They wanted to keep him overnight and they wanted to know the active ingredients in the product.  In tears, I went home without my Tommy Boy and called them with the ingredients.  It was a reaction to the ingredient Pyretrhins.  I cried my eyes out.  My kittens are my babies.  It hurt me knowing that my baby boy could have died over this. They kept him for the day and bathed him 2x and ran bloodwork to check his kidneys and liver to make sure there wasn’t any damage done.

I have him home now with me.  He seems to be doing a little better.  He is eating and going to the bathroom ( i have to put him in the litterbox) and i am still giving him drops of water (more for my well being knowing that he has some fluids in him).  He is still sleeping a lot but hopefully that wears off in the next couple of days.

I can’t believe that there is a product out on the market that is literally killing these poor innocent animals.  Something must be done.  Something SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE A WHILE AGO!!!!

My heart goes out to all the innocent victims of this HORRIBLE company!!!!!  I am throwing all of my HARTZ products in the garbage and calling the company tomorrow morning and filing a complaint with them.  It breaks my heart to see my Tommy in such pain, as well as my Jerry because he is brother is in pain!

Hartz Oatmeal Shampoo-Sophie

Sophie is a 5 month old little boxer mix I have gotten from the Human Society. She seems to be over all very healthy and energetic. Although after using Hartz Oatmeal shampoo (non-flea and tick) I have noticed that she has become very itchy and has hives on her back as well as her belly.
I have read comments and stories regarding using Hartz Flea and Tick Oatmeal Shampoo causing hives and itching or worse. Sophie has itched her poor little armits raw to the point where they are bleeding and bright red. After using the product and reading all these horror stories, you can bet we will no longer be using Hartz products of any type. Any suggestions on how to help her heal?