My 1 1/2 Year old Shih-Tzu

I was givin my dog Tuzo a bath on may 30th with his regular Hartz Ultra Guard shampoo but he just rubbed one of his paws against his eyes and today he’s almost blind!!! He can’t open his eyes! I even had to take hime to the vet last night at around 12:00 a.m. but he still can’t see a single thing. They told me that he got an infection because of the shampoo. I’m not O.K with Hartz selling any of their products. I think that should be considerd animal abuse. The government shoul do something about it. I would and am.

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  1. the samething just happend to my dog. I live in an erea were ticks are not a problem so Im not familar with the right steps in getting rid of them. I took my healthy beagle for a hike in the san francisco area last week, and when we returned home she had a few ticks on her, so I of course took the next step in giving her a tick and flea bath which I thought was a normal thing to do, something I could trust. Today a week later she can barley open her eyes, and has no energy. I have takin her to the vet, they have givin her meds, treaments, tests ect. Im only hopping for a safe recovery at this point. I dont know what to do? One thing I do know is that before I used HARTZ shampoo she was completely healthy? And all I know now is that she is not happy or healthy and its breaking my heart!!

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