My Mocha has died

On Wednesday, May 25 my 7 year old Chinese Crested Mocha died of renal failure .  It happened  so insidiously and quickly, I had no time to act.,However  I know now that he had the toxins in his system for a while.  I have a feeling that it may be due to the Hartz Ultra-Guard flea drops that I used on him in the fall and this spring.  I am so sick about this and mad at myself for not researching this product before using it.   Over the winter he started having foul smelling breath.. I cleaned his teeth and the bad breath continued.  I now know that the bad breath was a sign of toxins in his system and not a dental problem.   Just a few weeks ago I noticed he was losing weight and I started giving him soft food.  He was eating and seemed  healthy with no serious problems. Then on Saturday May 21 he had a seizure.  He came out of it OK and I made an appointment for him to see the Vet for a check up and to schedule an appointment to get his teeth cleaned.. I thought the seizure may have been due to him not eating  from a dental problem. The vet checked him over and we scheduled him to come in the next day for a teeth cleaning.  The next day he did not seem right so we did a blood test which showed that he was in severe renal failure and the vet said that he only had a week to live.. The next day he went into convulsions and I had to put him to sleep.. I am sick about this and so mad at myself for using the flea drops. Most of the cases I read on this site had a more immediate effect on the dog and hurt them , but in this case it was over time. That is,  if this is what killed him.. I was wondering if anyone knows if an autopsy would show whether it was the flea medicine that caused this problem.  I have five other dogs that do not seem to be affected and I used the product on them too.. Maybe some dogs are more sensitive to it than others.  However I will never use it or any other chemical on my dogs. This was a very hard experience to go through and  should have known better, however,last year I almost had a dog die from a Tick Borne disease.   I would appreciate any feedback from this and some ideas of alternative flea and tick prevention.

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  1. Im so sorry to hear about Mocha. The safest topical to use to prevent fleas and ticks is Bayer advantix. The product is extremely safe for dogs it however not safe in the wet staged for felines. I have been using advantix for years and have never seen a probblem I hope this helps

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