Hartz Flea and Tick made my YorkiPoo sick !!!

Someone please help me !!! I had my dog groomed for the summer on this past Thursday May 19th 2011.  With his fresh shave down for the summer we notice he had picked up some fleas which is possible because we spend a lot of time outside. On Thursday my dog was fine acting normally.  On thursday on my way home from work I stopped and picked up some Hartz Flea and Tick shampoo from my local walmart and some Hartz flea and tick topical drops for him. I came home and gave him a fresh bath and added the drops once He dried off. Thinking Hartz is a good trusted brand to use on your animal I had no worries. I WAS WRONG !!!!. the next day when I woke up for work he was shaking and trembling and to to top it off the fleas and the eggs were all still there. and now he is not able to stand and will not eat or drink.  I am so hurt and upset as my dog will not even bark anymore.  I finally called a friend who also has a dog and she told me to go quickly to my local walmart and buy a bottle of dawn liquid detergent. Needless to say I ran to to walmart and back home to give him a bath. I scrubbed, scrubbed him and made sure i used lots and lots of water on his body. After his bath every flea and it’s eggs were gone. I mean no sign he ever had fleas on him..   However I dont know what to do to help him now. someone please let me know how to help him if I have time.

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  1. Take your pet to the vet immediately! You cannot mess around with signs like that. Take him, don’t call, just go. If you are low on cash, many vets will work with you on payments, you just need to ask. If they see him that sick, they shouldn’t turn him away, Good luck and I will pray for you and your pet. <3

  2. Oh my gosh..I can believe this? I used this on my 5 year old yorkie, Chanel Hartz flea drops, about 3 hours later that evening, she seemed really tired, the next day, she was scratching, had red skin everywhere! she looked pitiful and was feeling bad as if she had a fever as well, I took her to the vet, they gave her antibiotics, steroid, oatmeal shampoo and conditioner. That was three weeks ago…she is finally starting to seem a bit better, It has been a hard road; seems to have lost some hair around her neck and shank area. I feel awful that I did this to her…TAKE HER TO THE VET AND FOLLOW UP WITH YOUR VET A WEEK LATER! I would encourage anyone who reads this and has friends or family with pets, please warn them.. God Bless our babies.

  3. Wash the dog with dawn dish soap, keep your dog in a quiet place and monitor his gate, (the way he walks) also monitor his vitals ie; his heart rate, which can be felt on the left side of the dog above his rib cage, watch his eyes also, make sure they are reactive to light, and give him plenty of fluid…. if it has been long since the incident, you should have a complete blood work done, testing his major organs, to monitor and to see if he has any major organ damage.. laura kiser Troy Ohio

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