Yet another victim…

I just wanted to share my story with any of those interested.  I purchased a Hartz flea and tick collar for my dog.  She is almost a year old and weighs about 15 pounds.  She wore the collar for almost a week and it had progressed from restless nights, to severe dehydration, and having potty accidents in the house.  In one day, she peed 3 times and pooped twice!  VERY unlike her.  After reading stories about adverse effects of the collars, I took it off her immediately and gave her a nice long shower and used her earth friendly 100% biodegradeable puppy shampoo with all ingredients listed and with names you can pronounce.  Last night, she slept straight through the night.  In the morning, to my surprise, she was jumping at the door to let me know she needed to go out.  Later in the morning before going to work, she let me know she needed to go out and go again.  I’m hoping she is on her way back to healthy.  Now I feel bad for getting mad at her when it was probably that stupid collar.  I can’t say for sure, but I do know she was not acting normal and after taking that off, giving her a long gentle shower, it seemed like she started getting better.  Coincidence?

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  1. My story is on here… Rocky ( 1 year old wheaten terrier) was the same way… he layed on the floor looking at me as if he had no strength in him and lifted himself just enough to pee where he was laying!!! it was soo sad and thats when i really got concerned… he always sleeps through the night but could even rest for 10 second without jumping around…. the vet told me not to wash him in puppy shampoo but in dish liquid… doesn’t matter what kind… and lots of dish liquid!!! I hope your puppy feels better soon 🙂

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