Bella Stinkerella is my 3 year old muted calico. She was my mothers day gift 3 years ago after losing Pogo a muted torti. We recently adopted a 3 year old black long haired kitty from an adoption group and due to the fact that I already had 6 cats and 2 dogs I treated all cats with flea medication (dogs get it in their heartworm pill). My husband had just gone through a hip replacement so my attention wasn’t focused on my furry babies like normal. I noticed after a short time that Bella had dropped a considerable amount of weight. She could stand to loose a couple but this was too much. I noticed on a Friday. First thing Monday I took her to the vet they did labwork that required being sent out. They wanted to check function of her organs. The next day they called and said she needed to be hospitialized that she was in kidney failure. So Tuesday I dropped her at the vet and was told a minimum of 2 days possibly 4. This wasn’t a good week, the next day Wednesday was the anniversary of my mothers passing. Then mothers day was looming on Sunday and Bella had been my mothers day present 3 years prior. I was an emotional wreck. She did require the 4 day hospitilization. She came home with me having to administer IV fluids every other day and special kidney diet food and electrolyte powder to mix in her food. We did a recheck this past monday. Her levels have improved and we are now at fluids 2x a week. I will return in 1 month to do another recheck of labs and can hopefully discontinue the IV fluids. Bella has irreversible Kidney damage. They are hopeful she will survive this but with a shortened life. I have incurred over $1,000 in vet bills to date. I am thankful I had the money to be able to try and save her life and thankful for how far we have come. I will NEVER use another HARTZ product and continue to share this with friends, family, neighbors and on my facebook page. I hope no one ever has to go through what I did. This item should be removed from the shelves!

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