My Beagle was up all night!

I applied Sergeants Gold Squeeze-On for Dogs flea and tick on my beagle dog and it was the worst experience. About an hour after applying it on my beagle immediately was chewing crazy at where it was applied on her back. It was so bad that one of my dogs could not stay still and cried like a baby tossing and turning not be able to sleep. Needless to say, I could not sleep either! She was so tired and I felt so bad for her!. I had to put her in the bath numerous times and scrub that Sergeants Gold Squeeze-On for Dogs flea and tick product off. Not to mention it hurt them so bad when I was scrubbing it. It was awful like a chemical burn!! I used the right dosage and applied in the right areas as I have used flea products for many years but never seen anything like this. I will never again use this product and will be contacting the attorney general to help in getting this product off the shelf!

2 thoughts on “My Beagle was up all night!”

  1. So sorry to hear about your dog 🙁 The exact same thing happened to my 1 year old wheaten terrier last night, I stayed up with him all night… i felt so bad because he looked so tired… at 7 am he still seemed to be in pain so i called the emergency vet’s line and he told me to give him a bath in dish liquid… i figured it had to be dawn because thats what everyone else told me to do but he said any kind was fine. It seemed to help with the scratching and chewing. Rocky would actually try to lay down and then jump across the room like something had just poked or pinched him, it was awful to watch. He seems to be ok today but anything i found in my house with the hartz name brand on it i threw it out… shampoo and everything. I will never buy anything else from them, they should be ashamed of themselves… we think we’re helping our pets by buying this shit but its assholes like that who make it hard to do anything good for them!

  2. Sorry, but the attorney general wont do anything to help. Trust me, i made numerous complaints.You will get quicker results contacting the BBB in their town.

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