Why didn’t I listen to our Vet?

I am still trying to hold back the tears and having a hard time letting go of the guilt. Our Vet had advised in using a safer flea protection for our cats and suggested some of the products that they sell. I did not do any research and decided that I would try to go with a cheaper brand. I purchased Hartz UltraGuard PRO last week and gave both of my cats applications on Sunday evening. During Monday morning feeding time my loving cat Winky did not come to eat even though I called several times. After searching I found him unable to get up or move. I took him to the Vet immediately and after exam was told that he was critical and I needed to make a decision. I signed a release in order for the Vet to treat and try to save Winky. Unfortunately it was too late….he didn’t last long.
Through my own ignorance of not doing research and not keeping close check on my cats after the application, there is yet another victim. Please keep informed for your pet’s sake and help in the campaign to keep poisons out of pet care products.

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  1. SORRY TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR CAT , I did the exact same thing you were only trying to help your cat you had no idea it would hurt him as I didnt , You can help save someone elses pet PLEASE take the time call hartz file a adverse effects report with them get your number , then call the EPA file a adverse effects report with them that is the only way the Epa can help it only takes 5 minutes or so that is the only way the Epa can help , please take the time , Im so glad your dog was ok , my cat died the next day after i used hartz ultra flea and tick spray on him and let me tell you something its a terrible way for a pet to die , PLEASE HERP

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