How to Stop Hartz

Here’s how to stop Hartz from selling these dangerous products: put the professionals to work on it. Every state in the US has a state attorney general whose job description includes protecting consumers in their state. Everyone whose pet has been injured or killed by a Hartz product should do this:

1) Pull together evidence about the damage caused, including a statement from your veterinarian, photocopies of bills, the cost to replace your pet (if it died), etc.

2) Send a letter to Hartz that
a) requests reimbursement for your damages and
b) requests that Hartz stop manufacturing the product that caused the damage. Be sure to give the name of the product and say that you used the product according to instructions.

3) Important: In the letter to Hartz, include a cc: that gives the title, name & address of your state attorney general.

4) Important: Make a photocopy of everything you sent to Hartz, and send the photocopy to your state attorney general.

You will receive a letter from your state attorney general promising to look into it — and they will look into it. This greatly improves your chances of receiving compensation from Hartz. But more importantly, if state attorneys general start receiving a lot of letters about Hartz, they may take action against the company. And, unlike individual consumers, they have the clout to make a company change its ways.

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  1. Sounds heartless. One can win $$ for “pain and suffering” when humans are hurt, and for “loss of companionship” when a human mate dies, but I have not heard of people winning damages for anything more than actual damages, which consist of out of pocket expenses and pet “replacement” costs. Of course it is never possible to “replace” a pet.

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