Another victim of Hartz

Last night I gave my cat Buddy a dose of Hartz ultra guard flea and tick drops. This morning when I woke up I noticed he was not himself. He was walking shaking and shaking his paws as if they were wet and then when crouched he appeared to be shivering. Immediately I went online to search side effects and found this site. I quickly bathed him and called the emergency animal hospital and brought him right in. They bathed him again are starting a treatment of muscle relaxers and iv’s to try to flush iout the toxins in his body. They are keeping him overnight for observation and if the conditions do not get worse or get better he will be released tomorrow. As I sit here sad, scared, and feeling guilt I wonder if I will ever see my little buddy boy again. If he does survive, it is because of this site and other peoples heartbreaking stories. I will keep everyone posted on buddy’s condition.

Thank you so much!

My cat Percy has been suffering from fleas for the past three months, and I decided to try Hartz Ultra Guard Plus. I applied it to him almost two hours ago, and immediately he started blinking repeatedly, wincing and acting strangely. I searched for cat negative reaction to flea medication, and this website was the first result. I panicked and have given him two baths. He’s eating and drinking water now, and isn’t showing any of the strange reactions from before.

Thank you all so much for opening up and sharing your stories, because you just saved my Percy’s life.

lost my puppy

I wanted to repost my story I was upset and not to clear but my puppy was killed by hartz flea spray I sprayed it on his coat and within 3 days he was so ill and in so much pain, no animals should ever have to go through what my puppy went through he suffered every last second of final hours and could no longer fight and passed in more pain then I could imagine, worst of all I put that trash on him trying to help him and it killed him in the worst way I am forever sad for what happened to him and I will let everyone know how harmful hartz is.

Hartz Flea Medicine Made My Cat Sick!

I recently purchased Hartz over the counter. I thought I was getting a great deal since it was a 3-pack for $5 and I have three cats. I was wrong. The same day one of my cats started acting strange, secluding himself, and having trouble with his eyes I took him to the vet. The vet prescribed drops after I told her I had given him the flea medicine. She said I was LUCKY he only got an eye infection and that many animals have worse reactions. I think it was because although I put it between his ears on his head he was able to lick the access that spread and somehow got an eye infection that way. When I took him home I fed all my cats lunch and the same cat with the eye infection threw up his food immediately after finishing eating. I was worried because he has never thrown up food. Only hair balls. I searched online and found this website and decided to bath all my cats to get any medicine that was still on the surface of their skin and fur off. I will never use this product again and would advise others not to as well.


The  EPA told me that if it isnt reported to them directly they cant help , they said it doesnt matter if there are thousands of reports they have to be reported directly to Epa for them to help , also call hartz file a complaint save your case number they must report all  adverse effects ,    We  cant save some of our pets but maybe we can help some other poor animal from suffering this terrible  death


We just got a new puppy she is about 1 years old and we bought her and my other dog Hartz flea collars to keep fleas off since it’s flea season. Today she went to the bathroom in the house so we put her in her cage I went to check on her and she threw up on the ground it was clear spit. I took her outside thinking the puke was pee, and she wouldn’t leave the patio so I figured something was wrong. She is a very energetic dog and loves being outside. So I brought her inside and she just collapsed and started yelping it was a long painful yelp very high pitched. She ran into my arms and started shaking. Her seizure lasted about 2 hours. We took her to the vet and they ran tests and said she was pretty much fine but, it must be from poison and said that the collar chemicals could have gotten into her skin in the neurological system of the dog and to never put it on again. They gave her so corn syrup with water and said to giver her rice and chicken for protein to wash away the chemicals. When we got home we looked at the collar and it was disintegrating. She has stopped shaking and is no longer frozen up into a seizure but she is wiped out she has been laying on the couch for 3 hours now and she will let out a high pitched yelp every now and then. I will never use Hartz collars or any other products ever again. Wish we knew this before we bought their products. It needs to be taken off the shelves! We hope she survives and comes out all right! ):


i put some hartz on my pup around 30 hours ago(i washed him about an hour ago after reading all the negative stuff). he’s had a few runny stools today. he is drinking plenty of water and not vomiting either. what should i ne watching for before i get too worried?


Put Hartz ultra gold flea and tick spray on my cat  by that  nice  he  was  wet  around his  mouth  i  thought maybe he just drank water ,  by  morning  he  had  sliva  hanging  out  his  mouth  , then  he  had  a  seisure  flipping  around  on  floor  sat  up  i  carried  him  outside  to  get  him  some  fresh  air  with  in  minutes  he  was  dead  , he  was  totally  healthy before i put that poison  on  him  now  hes  dead  and  worst  of  all  i  feel  like  i  killed  him  because  i  put  it  on  him  ,  he  was  my  best  buddy  and  my  company  and  now  hes  gone  with  a  few  sprays  of  a  bottle and  the  worst  is  i  did  it  to  him  by  putting that  stuff on  him