sergents is killing my family today.

My wife applied the flea poison to both our cats and our dog last night. At 2 am our cats were shaking and the dogs throwing up. She just called me at work and after $700 at the vet trying to save the cats, she is having them put down. We may lose our dog as well. I just found this site and I am amazed these product are on the market, and don’t have huge gigantic warning labels. I cannot believe in 24 hours of trying to help our pets of mild fleas, they are dead and dying. This is truly incredible. I cannot believe that some pet loving lawyer has not taken this case on??? I am going to send them my vet bill. Bastards.

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  1. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO REPORT THIS TO THE EPA , TELL THEM YOU WANT TO FILE A ADVERSE EFFECTS REPORT TO PESTICIDE , THAT THE ONLY WAY EPA WILL LOOK INTO THIS , Im sorry for your loss i lost my cat 2 weeks ago useing hartz ultra flea and tick spray he died a terrible death , you have the chance to save other animals please take a few minutes and report this to the EPA

  2. I’m sorry for everyone’s loss. I just have to ask did no one read the labels. I stumbled on to this site and decided to check out the current labels on the mentioned products. The products I looked at on the shelves were clearly marked with warnings about adverse reactions and what type of behavior to look for and what to do in case such. The label tells us to watch our pets for at least 2 hours after application of the product and if any adverse reactions are notice to immediately was our pets and seek veterinary help. The label also has warnings for humans that could suffer the same symptoms and informs the professional care giver that pam may be given as an adjunct to atropine. I use dog fennel that I collect in the spring and summer and use a food processor to emulsify the leaves and seeds (fennel seeds are used to make camomile) of the plant I then dilute the emulsion with purified water in a 2 (water) to 1 (fennel) ratio I spray my dog and comb it through her hair making sure it reaches the skin. when I’m done I give her a brisk rub with a towel to get the excess off. I do this twice a week during flea season it doesn’t smell pretty but its quite effective at keeping fleas and other pesky bugs off. I don’t know if this is safe for cats because of there cleaning habits Could upset there stomachs but don’t think it would kill them. This is natural solution and only cost are the sprayer and purified water.

  3. I lost my cat last Friday morning after applying the flea poison on him on Thursday night. He was jerking all over two hours after we applied the crap to him. His eyes were twitching and had seizures from 2:30am until his death at 6:30am. Our vet here doesnt open till 8am. He was only 2-1/2 years old and healthy. I only took him to the vet once to get his shots when he was a kitten. I am pissed that this product is still on the shelves after reading so many stories of pets deaths. What is it going to take to get this off the shelves of the stores?? I called Sergeants and told them my story, they gave me a case number and are sending paperwork for me to fill out and mail back to them to complete their investigation. I urge you to do the same thing. They should have to pay for your vet bill and your pain and suffering. I also have talked to my State Rep here and he has gave me numbers and addresses to contact to complain too about their product. I have sent a letter to the editor in our local newspaper warning them of the Adverse effects not listed on the back of their product boxes. I have contacted the EPA as well. Something needs to be done about their products. Our pets are paying the price .. their lives! This is so WRONG!! I will keep you in my prayers because I know your pain.

  4. I did read the label, and it said of some common affects the Sergeants “pesticides,” had on it before I applied the 1.4 tube on my 5 year old healthy cat. Within 3 hours, Thank God, I rushed her to an Emergency Vet in my area. She was bathed with Dawn detergent three times, given a local anethesia, and sent home with muscle relaxers to stop the tremors. This is crazy. Please somebody get the word out that this product or products are killing out beloved animals.

    For a side note, no where on the package did it say ‘Flea and Tick,” I find that odd, and misleading. I will report this to the EPA, along with my regular vet, and the ER vet. He said as soon as he sees the product, he knows what it is: Permethrins toxicity. I applied the correct amount for a cat, not for an eighty lb dog, but for a five lb cat.

    I am so very sorry for all the owners that loss pets, due to this product. May God please help us get this product off the shelf.

    My tigger girl, is now knocked out, after drooling, shaking, twitching, panting, eyes rolling back, and because I read the label correctly, and applied the correct dose. What is wrong with this picture?

    Lisa N.

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