chemical burn

my daughter rescued a kitty a couple of weeks ago and did the right thing by bathing him and treating him for fleas when she brought him home.  she used the hartz flea and tick treatment ment for kittens and he has spent 4 days in the animal hospital with close to 25%  chemical burns   over his back and left shoulder.  he had to be sedated and the area debreeded and given antibiotics.  i was so shocked by the damage it did to his little body.  i am so pissed that a company could put out such a product that has the potential to kill the animal that you have brought into your home as part of the family.  i am at a loss as to what to do next any suggestions.

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  1. Call hartz file a adverse effects claim and get your claim number this makes that they have to report it , then call then EPA look up the number on the net it only takes a few minutes to file a report of a adverse effect to pesticide ,that way EPA can investigate thats the only way they can help if you file a complaint , You have the chance to help save someone elses animal from going through the same pain and suffering , PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO REPORT THEM

  2. Also go to the store that you purchased the product from and act them to remove the product from the shelves or you won’t shop there any longer

  3. Yes…whatever you do, treat the store just as if they did the damage, like the chemical that burned your baby. If necessary tell the store you are calling the local TV Station. Someone has to take responsibility because Hartz is not!

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