I Will NEVER buy a Hartz product again!!!!

My cat and dog were suffering from fleas, and they came into my home. I bought the Hartz UltraGuard Pro for my cat, and put it on her on a Monday afternoon. Tuesday she wouldn’t walk around, use her liter box, eat, drink….nothing! I called the Vet and they told me to take DAWN and wash it off of her immdiately and give it 36 hours to leave her system. She didn’t get better, I ended up feeding her through a syringe and giving her benadryl, as directed by my vet. As the 36 hours were about to be up, and she wasn’t any better, in face possibly worse…I woke up this morning to shower, and went in to find her lying helpless on my floor. She had passed, all because of this harmful drug!! Do not put hartz products on your animals!!!

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  1. Please take the time to call hartz file a adverse effects claim you get a number this makes that they have to report this , Next call the Epa and file a adverse effects report to pesticide that is the only way the Epa can help us is if people file reports , im truely sorry for your loss i lost my cat 2 weeks ago after i put hartz ultra guard flea and tick spray on him he was my buddy ,you have the chance to help other animals from suffering please take the time , search EPA on the net for contact number its a few minute report if we file enough reports we can stop this cruelty

  2. Personally, I’d like to know what kind of IDIOT VET only told you to wash it off…& Benadryl does no good at all. Hartz causes neurological damage & liver & kidney damage–including failure of those organs. That Vet should’ve told you to bring your cat in immediately to be treated with fluids & anti-siezure meds for there to be a POSSIBILITY of saving her…even then, there’s no guarantee, but a helluva lot better chance. I’m so sorry you lost your baby to this evil product. These people know their product kills pets/family members, they just don’t care…they still make money. I’ve worked as a Vet Tech for 5+ years & seen so many kitties & small dogs suffer & die it shocks me that they’re still in business. If any medication or product affected humans the same way, it’d be pulled from the market without a doubt. Why aren’t our pets considered as important?

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