Hartz Signs Deal To Targeted Social Media Sites

 I hate to be the bearer of bad news but after readings this article it appears that Hartz has a brand new all out advertising campaign which will target social media sites. As most know social media sites are the ‘hot’ spot online. Virtually everyone has either a myspace, facebook, care2 or twitter account these days. This will target those users.

 I am going to actually beg all of you to please, please use your social media accounts to try to prevent the needless harm and deaths of  more of our companion animals that this new advertising campaign will inevitably will cause.

It’s a very simple thing to do.  All you need to do it warn people by adding a post or tweet once a week , even better once a day on your account. Something very simple to do such as:

WARNING – Hartz flea and tick products are dangerous and have caused injury and the deaths of thousands of animals. For more information check out  www.hartzvictims.org  Please do not make your pet a victim by using them.

It’s just as simple as that.  Just write up something or feel free to use the above, save it on your computer so you can copy and paste it to your social media accounts on a regularly basis. You will be saving animals lives by doing this.

Below is the URL of the web site  where you can view the  article and some of the actual article

Thank you for helping to save animals from Hartz!



Hartz Signs Deal With Examiner.com for Targeted Social Media Engagement Program

Examiner.com has announced a deal with The Hartz Mountain Corporation, utilizing Examiner.com’s innovative advertising platform, Examiner Connect. Focusing on pet health, the program will create word of mouth marketing through the creation of original and authentic pet care and health content, which is simultaneously relevant to the Hartz® UltraGuard® brand initiative and targeted consumers.

Hartz is the latest brand to participate in the Examiner Connect marketing program created by Examiner.com, which is based on the unique relationship that Examiner.com has developed with its 72,000 content producers, in this case, more than 2000 pet and pet health writers.

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  1. I emailed examiner.com and let them know how shameful it is to be associated with a company that like Hartz that murders their customers beloved pets. Everyone should email or call examiner.com.

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