So grateful for this site!

I just wanted to thank everyone for sharing their stories, I bought Hartz Flea and Tick Drops for my 2 dogs just yesterday. I thought I’d save a little money using this product instead of Frontline. I am so incredibly thankful I followed my instincts and decided to research before actually putting it on my girls. Reading all the stories of heartbreak and tragedy was enough for me. I will be returning the product to the store today and will share what I’ve learned with everyone I know. I am a dog groomer in training, and since I am bringing dogs to my home to work on I thought I was being proactive by treating my dogs, just in case. After all I’ve read, I’d rather deal with fleas than the horrible side effects and possible fatal consequences of this terrible product. Frontline will, now, be worth every penny! Again, thanks to the creators of this site and to all the parents of the treasures we call pets, for giving me this valuable knowledge.

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  1. Hello I just wanted to say that I did the same thing. I bought Hartz Ultra Guard Plus last night thinking I was saving money. I am so happy I found this site and did NOT apply this deadly medicine to my dog! Advantage has the same ingredients as Front Line and is alittle cheaper if you are trying to save money. Do not buy Hartz the ingredients aren’t even the same!!!!!! I’m emailing about 20 friends and family members right now and letting them know do not buy Hartz Ultra Guard!!

  2. Another “same here”. Bought both the Hartz UltraGuard Plus Dog Flea and Tic Shampoo and the Hartz UltraGuard Pro Flea and Tic Drops today, on a spur of the moment. I had originally planned to pick up just a flea comb as I had purchased Diatomaceous Earth in a 40# bag a couple days ago planning to dust my garden, my yard, my house and my dogs after a bath. While I was in the supermarket pet aisle, I thought it might be a good idea to pick up shampoo to wash off the fleas they have before putting the DE on them, and then I thought…”Well…after the shampoo, I can use both the DE and the drops to get the first good knock-down, and then after I’ve cleared everything up, the DE should do a great job of keeping things clean and bug free.” Well, I never put anything in or on my pets (or myself, for that matter) that I haven’t checked first if I’ve never used it before. So glad I did. The shampoo and drops are in a bag hanging on the front door with the receipt, so I don’t forget to return it to the store when I go out tomorrow. I guess I’ll just use original Dawn to give them their baths (it’s supposedly good to kill adult fleas and mites, and if it can be used for wildlife, and we use it to wash our dishes, the worse that can happen is that it dries their skin and doesn’t work)after I dust the house and while their bedding gets washed and then as soon as they are dry, hit them with the diatomaceous earth. Think I’ll also pass on a link to everyone…to this site…on facebook.

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