I’m Curious.

About a month ago I purchased Hartz Ultra Guard flea and tick spray for cats. It was on sale and being that my cat has long hair I figured it’d be perfect for her! I’ve had a problem with her fleas for awhile and they just keep returning. After using it on her she got very upset (of course) then I noticed her licking her mouth strangely. She had very thick saliva drooling out of her mouth! So i cleaned her off and set her to her water bowl to drink. It stopped after a few minutes. I just figured it happened because maybe she had licked herself and the chemicals thickened up her saliva. Well, today I noticed she had a few fleas on her face. I decided to take a gentle approach and get a q-tip with the a little bit of the spray at the end and dab it on the area with the fleas. Immediately after touching her with the q-tip just around her ear she FLIPPED out! She ran all over the house till finally I caught her and settled her down in my arms. Then I noticed she had the thick saliva as well as drooling coming from her mouth! I didn’t put any around her mouth or anywhere her little tongue could reach! And she never stopped to clean her self off. She is fine now and back to normal but I was wondering if anyone has ever dealt with this side effect before! I do not plan on using this product any more. And other Hartz products have literally NEVER worked on any of my animals except this spray. Not only does this flea and tick spray cause her such discomfort but I don’t ever want to see what future problems arise if I continue using it on her. I love her too much to do a quick fix for fleas… When I typed in google with the name and symptoms this is the top site that talks about anything that happens to our animals due to Hartz products. I have to say Thank You to everyone who has shared their stories. If it wasn’t for this site, I may have been ignorant enough to continue using this product!

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  1. This is what happenened to my cat

    Put Hartz ultra guardd flea and tick spray on my cat by that night he was wet around his mouth i thought maybe he just drank water , by morning he had saliva hanging out his mouth , then he had a seisure flipping around on floor sat up i carried him outside to get him some fresh air with in minutes he died choking on his own blood and saliva , he was totally healthy before i put that poison on him now hes dead and worst of all i feel like i killed him because i put it on him , he was my best buddy and my company and now hes gone with a few sprays of a bottle and the worst is i did it to him by putting that stuff on him

    1. I just used the same product on my tabby of 7 years old. I was spraying it and immediately thick drool came from his mouth. I took him to the shower to get it off him but now I’m freaking out because I hope nothing more happens. Why is hartz even able to continue to sell this product? I’ll NEVER USE THEIR PRODUCTS AGAIN.

  2. When I used hartz drops on my dogs, all 3 got chemical burns. One drooled continuously. He stopped the next afternoon. I would say this a common side effect, at the time I thought Spud was nauseated from the poison.

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