i put some hartz on my pup around 30 hours ago(i washed him about an hour ago after reading all the negative stuff). he’s had a few runny stools today. he is drinking plenty of water and not vomiting either. what should i ne watching for before i get too worried?

2 thoughts on “symptoms?”

  1. moaning , excessive saliva, around the mouth, lethargic, seizures ,read what others symtoms are in these stories and anything the warning label says

  2. I just put the second tube of Hartz Ultraguard pro on my cat and she started to freak out and foam at the mouth!! Ive never seen her do that. She did have a flea collar on too but this reaction was INSTANT. She is eating now that I put some water on the spot where I applied the drops and I used a wet towel to wipe it off. I hope she will be okay. My heart will break if this kills her.

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