Regretfully I treated all three of my cats with Hartz flea and tick gel two days ago, I did not know about the horrible side effects. I became worried when I noticed that all three of them kept flicking their hind legs and twitching. I then washed most of the gel off less than a day after applying it. My youngest cat (1 yr old)was twitching so much and he didn’t have enough energy to run around like he normally does. After asking the vet’s office what to do, they were unable to take any appointments until Monday. So I looked up reviews on Hartz products and found this website. After reading the stories, I washed off more of the gunk with dish soap today. Their ears and legs still twitch but not as often as before I washed the gel out the first time.

Long story short,I just want to know how long does it take before the symptoms stop and what more can I do to help them.

Thank you very much

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  1. By now~April 6~most of those side effects have probably stopped. The issue now is whether there is permanent damage or not. As soon as you are able~time/appointment availability/financially~have a full blood panel done on each of those babies. Permanent liver or kidney damage is a possibility, which will show up on the bloodwork, or possible neurological damage, which unfortunately won’t.
    Also, I’d either change Vets (IF the Vet knew the issue & still said it’d have to wait til Monday) or call & talk to them immediately about what happened when you called! I’ve worked as a Vet Tech for 5+ yrs & if I had EVER not treated a Hartz/Sergeants Flea product toxicity as an emergency, I’d have lost my job on the spot.
    I hope all goes well for you..I’m beyond sorry this happened to you & your babies. I so wish they’d pull this s~t from the market. As horrible as this sounds, you were one of the lucky ones..I’ve seen this stuff kill numerous kitties. It’s pure evil.
    Hugs to you & your babies.

  2. Thanks Vicki, They’re doing much better now.
    I am kinda angry that the vets I called and went to weren’t able to help me much. Whenever I found out that my cats were shaking, I called up my vet’s office to see if they could wash them for me after telling them about Hartz. They were able to wash my two older cats but weren’t able to groom the youngest because he had no rabies vaccination and that I would have to set an appointment for him and pay $99 for his shot on top of another $100 for washing all my cats. Then I went to another office and they said they were unable to take any appointments but they would be able to neuter my cat as soon as possible (Like I really wanted to do that while he’s poisoned…)She even knew that it was Hartz I used on them whenever I described their symptoms and before I mentioned the product.

    I still need to take them to a decent vet, I didn’t know about the risk of kidney or liver damage.

    Thank you so much again.

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