Living in the city, I never go to Walmart (there is no Walmart anywhere near us). But recently I was dog sitting my Uncle’s dog who lives in the suburbs and took advantage that I had a vehicle and went to Walmart to buy a few house hold items that we needed. This is how I came across the Hartz Ultraguard Flea & Tick Drops for my baby who is a mix Boxer & American bull dog. I usually buy her Frontline from the vet’s office but¬†THOUGHT this is a¬†great deal as it is nearly 1/2 of the price! My doggie was due for her monthly flea & tick prevention last week and something inside me said to read up on this product before putting it on her and after reading all of these horror stories I am so grateful that I did! I am a true believer (always have been) that you should ALWAYS listen to your instincts!! I want to thank everyone who shared their story and wish the best for all of your pets!!!

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