Sergeants Silver Squueeze on, almost killed my dog!!!

Over the weekend we applied Silver squeeze on to my dog, Sassie. Over the next few hours, she began drooling, shaking, crying, biting, scratching and was so uncomfortable, I couldnt believe it. She went from hot to cold, she woulndt eat or drink anything. We were feeding her water through my sons medicine dropper to keep her from dehydrating. You couldnt console her, she looked like she was going to die. We washed it off after I googled the product, that sent me to this page. I never believed this would happen and to see all the other victims, I almost cried myself. I called the company this morning and they were very nice. I talked to an emergency specialist and she explained the reaction. However, I dont feel anything will be done about it. She said they would document it and if enough animals were having the same reaction, they would do something. From the looks of this blog page, I feel enough animals were injured from this. I thought i was doing the right thing, buying a brand that I could trust. I was wrong. Please please dont use this product! Id hate for anyone to have to watch their pet be in so much pain.

2 thoughts on “Sergeants Silver Squueeze on, almost killed my dog!!!”

  1. i to put on cat drops my beloved cat it was sergeants silver my cat would not eat or drank we took her to the vet to keep highydred nothing helped her gumes where white no red blood she did die i cry and cry for her and the other cats and dogs i to called and talked to a health rep big help not. i would like to get in a class lawsiut. we need help

  2. cat is die from sergants silver drops would not eat or drank took to the vet had her highdrey nothing would help canot stop from crying i can not see to type i cry four all the cat and dog that have ben hurt from sergants and biospot all hartz no one at sergants or the vet could do s–t my beloved cat is nomore my dog is ok we did not put that ff deadly on her i would like to know if a clasact lawset count me in.

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