6 thoughts on “Safe products for cats?”

  1. Put about a half of a teaspoon of UNPASTURIZED apple cider vinegar in your cats water everyday. The acv has AWESOME benefits for your cat/dog, and is totally harmless. You can also mix 50/50 solution of white vinegar with water and spray it all over your house to kill and prevent fleas from your home. (This also gets rid of ants and spiders!)

  2. When I took my cat to the vet after the negative side effects from Hartz she recommend advantage if I was going to use over the counter products. Otherwise your vet should carry flea medicine of their own that they can prescribe to your pet. I have always used flea products from my vet and never had a problem. I decided to go over the counter to save money and it cost me $120 for a vet visit and medicine to help my cat recover from Hartz.

  3. Im in Canada… we use Revelution here… the general rule if you want to keep your animal safe is spend the money and dont buy anything that doesnt come from the VET!!!

  4. Thank you for your responses i realy apreciate it i used some generic brand of drops shortly before i posted my original question i thought it would be ok because it had the same active ingredients as hartz and all 3 of my cats lost hair itched like crazy and i thought i was never going to get the oily mess out of their fur (which is how i stumbled upon this sight) so far i have not had an issue with pests but my new neighbors said they had a tick problem with their dogs so i was trying to take previnitive measures thankfully they didnt get sick! thank you to everone especially the ones who created this site

  5. Please do not use this product! I used Hartz for the first time on my 18 month old cat last night. This morning I had to rush him to the vet for loss of hair, glassy eyes, shaking and a terrible meow. The vet was worried he may have a seizure. He is now in the care of a vet and a minumum of a 350 dollar bill-possible 667.00 if they have to give him sedatives. I am not spending money on everything for my cat-no more over the counter products. Multiple individuals at the clinic told me never to use. When I called Hartz all they could say is that their product is safe and if I could get a DX they MAY be able to pay for the pet bill. If it were so safe WHY are there multiple websites against them? I wish I did my research before buying.

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