Want to try to stop Hartz?

After treating my 3 cats with Hartz flea and tick drops, I had to rush one to the Vet within hours. The vet required blood tests to rule out the common diseases and the entered into a discussion with us about the toxicicty of the Hartz product we chose to use.

Fortunately, since we are diligent pet owners, we caught it quickly. We immediately bathed all 3 cats with Dawn dishwashing liquid (recommended by the vet) and watched the cats carefully. I believe we are out of the woods.

We then started the research and were horrified at the volume of pet tradgedies associated with this companies products.

What I suggest is this, go to www.walmart.comwww.target.comwww.petsmart.com These┬ásites all have a contact us links at the bottom of the page. Voice your displeasure at the fact that these retailers sell products that are toxic to their customers beloved pets and that perhaps, as a pet lover….and their customer….you may choose to do the bulk of your shopping elsewhere. If those three retailers pulled this companies products off their shelves…….it would have a financial effect on the company. This is something that companies understand….when you effect their bottom line.

The EPA obviously doesn’t see a problem…..let’s let the retailers know that we, as animal lovers do.

Join me in this fight?

Dean Stone

2 thoughts on “Want to try to stop Hartz?”

  1. I looked these sites up and didn’t see any way to actually file a complaint or actually contact someone. I did however find an “Ethics” contact and sent the information about the Hartz product almost killing my dog and alerted them to the Hartz Victim site for further information and so they wouldn’t have to just take my word for it. To my surprise they have replied and said they will be looking into this. So Great! Something, finally. BTW Hartz has been pretty non-responsive regarding reimbursement for the medical bills. At first they advised me to send them all this info, but after I did they started talking about reimbursing me for the $5. product – not the $2000 vet bills.

  2. How sad?? I am so sorry for your pets discomfort. Sergeant’s Silver did the same exact thing to my cat yesterday. I noticed the actions within an hour, and within three hours she was in an ER vet clinic. She has been twitching this morning, her eyes are swollen, and I have an appointment with my vet tomorrow, to make sure all is well. Why can’t a lawyer take on a class action lawsuit on this??? Not for the money, money does not bring our pets back, but to prevent another pet from going through this. I read a post about reading the label, well, I did, the only clause I read that is their saving grace is “Consult your vet before using the product.” How sad? Us pet owners are trying to protect our pets, and end up hurting them due to Sergeant’s and Hartz’s 3-10 dollar products??? Dear God, please someone with some authority, please read this and Stop them in their tracks!

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