Beloved kittyboy passed away

“My beloved Kittyboy, an indoor cat passed away yesterday just two days after I applied Hartz Ultra Guard One Spot Flea Treatment. His death followed the course of an obvious poisoning. He was the most beautiful affectionate loving cat anybody ever knew. He was only 6 years old, in excellent health and died just two days after I very regretfully administered that poison Hartz Ultra Guard. Is there a class action suite that I can join? I am heart broken. I was present when this cat was born and he loved our family through a divorce and move. He knew no trauma until I put that poison on him. I am profoundly sad, and now enraged. Murderers. There will never be

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  1. I just brought my kitty home form the vets after a very close call with death beacuase of a Hartz flea product..My 11 year my still naot make it or worse yet the quality of his life my be in danger…I never knew..this comapny has been around for ever and they are killing loved pets left and right

  2. I am so sorry!!!! I have known about Hartz for quite some time thanks to this website. I only wish others did as well as the companies who continue to sell their shameful products. Please know that there are others who share your pain and disgust by the pain this company has caused.

  3. I put HARTZ ultra guard plus flea and tick spray on my cat , and by that night he was wet around his mouth but i thought he just took a drink by morning he was yelling loudly , saliva hanging from hims mouth he went into a seisure kicking and thrashing then jumped up and stared i carried him outside to get some fresh air then i see a blood spot apear on his mouth and within minutes he was dead , I feel like i killed him he was my best freind and a great cat who never did anything but love on me ,

  4. My cat just died last night from this product also. I am so enraged about Hartz and its’ products still being sold on the store shelves!!! I called a lawyer this morning and I am going to do whatever I can do to take steps to remove the products at least from my local stores, then onto the big stores. I am open to all and any ideas on how to stop this company from killing out pets.
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