I just gave my 5 month old kitten some hartz flea med and within 15 seconds or so she began to freak out, running around and acting really skittish. I ran upstairs where she had gone and found her up against the wall with a gel like substance coming out of her mouth and looking like she was dosed on a tranq. I immediatly ran some water on the spot and took her to the er. Thats when I was told about this lawsuit and want nothing more to join and get this crap off the shelves. This is absolutly ridiculous how they care only about money and not the lives of innocent animals.

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  1. OMG….I just used it on my 5 mo. Kitten this am, and the EXACT same thing happened to her. I did not take her in, for it though. What did your vet say about it??? And what to do??

  2. Hi,
    I am hoping to help anyone in the future with our story,On Monday, I bathed my persian kitty Mr. Binks with Hartz Ultraguard poison, He started acting very skittish & then he started seizuring, Blood & foam coming out of his mouth,He also had urinated on himself. We rushed him to tthe vet & they immediatlet knew what the cause was & what product had caused it, The prognosis was poor they gave him a very little chance to survive, he was almost gone when we arrived. They kept him over night & treated him & The next morning I got a phone call letting me know that they tried to let him come out of sedation But he started to seizure again & it was looking pretty bad so they sedated him again.I asked if I should put him down & they said to give it one more day which we did, The next morning we got a call that he was now meowing & standing up, But they said they weren’t sure how much brain damage he would have. We went to see him last night & he was doing really good, with some brain damage, twitching ears, a little wobbly, he stares off like he’s zoned out & then snaps back to reality But..;.He’s alive! We picked him up today & the vets & techs told me that I needed to call Hartz so they can pay the vet bill, They said it is getting out of hand how many animals don’t survive their products. Not that it matters anymore since I am just grateful to have him alive But he is a very rare odd eye van persian, A show cat, But now he will never be able to show again because of his twitches & quirks from this poison. Something needs to be done about this, I can’t believe they are allowed to keep killing & injuring our babies. What would happen if a bar soap company was killing kids & anyone who used it? Are our animals really not worth anything to anyone but their family’s? This makes me sooo sad. I just wanted to give anyone hope out there that may be going through this, Wait it out & have faith. Just make sure to get them to the vet immediatley. I have the vet paperwork as to what they did if anyone needs to know what saved him. I hope it helps. So sorry for all your losses, God Bless you all, Dawnde & family

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