Hartz Chew and Clean Dog Bone

Please no one give this to their dog. Our granddaughter’s dachshund died today from swallowing a piece of this bone. Our dachshund also swallowed a piece of his bone and nearly died. The Hartz company should stop making these!

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  1. about 2 weeks ago I bought a Hartz busy bone type chew for my dog Gibbs and he went out of his mind. He is hyper dog as is but this bone made him crazy. we had to lock him up in another room to calm him down.I threw out the other one. I purchased it at our local WalMart. I will never buy Hartz for my pets again. I am sure we all know where they pet products are produced and there is no regurd to how we fell about out pets. Our pets are our family and they get ill its like its one of our kids. Some one needs to look into what is going on. Hartz shame on u for having no reguard for animals and the people who love them.

    1. I have three dogs I bought one for each of them they had been chewing on them for a couple days then today my 2 year old boxer was chewing on one all day long all of a sudden my 6 year old beagle walked by and the boxer attacked the beagle and drew blood it was the scariest thing ever my boxer has never done anything like this I had to lock her up for a couple hours and after I let her out she was still hyped up needless to say I threw them away

        1. Defintely Hartz. My friends dog died from Hartz rawhide made in China. Confirmed by her Vet. Hartz is a terrible company

  2. Our year old pup died last week due to a hartz chew and clean dog bone πŸ™ he chewed it in half and there were sharp shards in the pieces that came off, he was dead in less than 30 hours after we realized he was sick. I will NEVER buy a hartz product again πŸ™

  3. I purchased the Hartz Dental Duo Small, Bacon Flavor, for my cockapoo and one for my English Springer. They had it chewed into sharp slivers w/in 5-7 mins. I returned the product to WalM & asked them to start a recall. They were shocked at how sharp the fragments were. I also wrote Hartz & reported this. I am so sorry to learn of others’ problems.

  4. I purchased a Hartz Chew & Clean bacon flavored bone for my minature dachshund. He did not chew in into splinters as others have described but within a very short time was very ill, throwing up during the night. He was very fussy the next morning when I left for work & ate very little of his food that morning. When I got home he had thrown up at least 4 more times, was very lethargic & clingy. Did not eat that evening but did finally eat up in the late night & the next morning with no more vomiting. It was very scary & I was not sure I would not lose him. I would not recommend these for any dog!

  5. bought the hartz chew and clean bacon flavor for my mini doxie and as soon as he chewed made popping sound.small piece came off top of bone.he has to have tooth pulled not happy! should be taken off the market!!!!

  6. I bought the Hartz Chew and Clean Bacon flavor chew toy for my Lhaso/Terrior. He chewed through the hard plastic part of the bone in about 10 minutes, resulting in sharp plastic spikes on the end of the bone. Had to throw it out. Won’t buy again.

  7. i just bought a hartz chew and clean bacon flavor toy thing from wal mart. and tryd to give it to my shi tzu gizmo.he didnt seem too intersted in it.so i kinda chewed on it to try to get him to want it.a couple minutes later (right now) my mouth is numb! i have thrown that thing in the trash, and brushed my teeth and my mouth is still numb! once again another bad product form HARTZ

  8. My dog Bella has been chewing the dental duo for the last 4 yrs. She loves them and only chews the middle out of the plastic bone and leaves the rest which I throw away. She gets one every evening and looks forward to it. My problem is trying to buy them. Walmart does not stock enough of the them. Bella is half yorky and pom.

      1. Yes the middle is edible but not the outside. That said, I took away the toy because my medium-sized dog had it chewed into sharp edges with bits coming off after a couple hours.

  9. We bought our dogs these for Christmas. 2 of the 3 dogs began hacking as a result in the plastic slivers being stuck in their throats.
    Pleas do not give these to your dogs!

  10. I bought a chew n clean bendable middle bacon toy for my cavapoo. Almost immediately she had a piece off it and it appeared to be plastic not any part of,the treat. It actually says on the packet suitable for dogs over 50lbs so should have been more than able to suit my 11 lb cavapoo. However after a few minutes fortunately lay we were In the same room with her she had managed to get a piece off it and the rest of it was chewed rapidly. Please please don’t buy these for,your dogs goodness knows what would have happened if we had left her alone.

  11. Looked up the product after I realized my dog was nibbling the plastic parts off. I’m sorry to hear of pets passing away.

  12. Just purchased Chew and Clean Bone at grocery store, specified for 50+ lb dogs. My lad had the “durable” plastic chewed through within minutes and you could hear pieces snapping. Please do not waste your money or put your dog at the risk!

  13. I just gave our dog a medium-sized bacon treat bone a few days ago and the nylon outside has been chewed up already. I think we are going to have to throw the dental bone away. I realize the center is starch, but our dog hasn’t even gotten to that part yet.

  14. I have a one year old Bullmastiff and I’m scared to death after doing reasearch about the Hartz bones . My dog gotten bloody dirrea this morning my husband is getting ready to take him to the vet . I looked in his feces to see and we gave him a green one bone Hartz clean and chew and it was shards of green and white in his feces . I believe this is the reason , I looked at his old bone and the rest of the Hartz clean and chew was very sharp . I threw away the bones no good . Hartz doesn’t care. If they did test they know this . Now I hope my dog doesn’t die .

  15. We just gave our Labrador Retriever the Hartz Chew’n Clean Dental Duo (bacon flavored for large dogs) and she quickly broke off large pieces with sharp shards. Luckily, she didn’t swallow any of these pieces. We took it away from her because we didn’t want her to swallow any of these pieces, concerned the pieces could choke her or damage her stomach or intestines.

  16. I purchase hartz dental best 2″ rawhide bones 40ct bag. These bones are awesome!! I’ve been purchasing them for the past 13yrs for 5 cocker spaniels. I put the whole bag in a basket and put them on the floor as “free feed,”. This basket is kept full all the time, and my dogs chew them off and on all day or evening. Never has there ever been sharp shards, and my dogs chew them until they turn gummy and soft enough to swallow. I’ve never encountered any ill effects in my dogs or puppies. My now older dogs have beautiful white unstained teeth, no bad breathe, and I’ve never had to have the vet clean, or pull any. I’ll never let the basket run out and we go through around 5-7 bags a month… Pricey but worth every penny!! πŸ™‚ We also keep 3 different brands and varieties of hard crunchy food as “free feed” 24/7 in addition to wet food every morning. Also fresh water 3+ times per day. Remember, there are 5 of them…..

  17. Has anyone ever read the ingredients??? Polyurethane and nylon??? Wtf?? How would you feel chewing on plastic it’s because pet food and toys are not regulated

  18. My dog started acting lethargic and sooky last night. I just thought it was me going back to work after the weekend but in the middle of the night he had to get up to go outside which is something he never does. He went out and came back in and got back on our bed to sleep. He still wasn’t comfortable. My husband woke up to the dog throwing up. It was all yellow bile and a piece of dog food but nothing else. We gave him some water and he went back to sleep but of course I never slept worrying about him. We got up at our regular time and I put him out to do his pee but he was out for a long time so I went out to check in him. I looked and he was trying to poop. It was like it was water. I saw the one he did over night and it was solid but still didnt look right. I took him to my mom’s to stay with his sister like always when I go to work and they said he was ok but still quiet. While there he tried to poop and it was all liquid and looked kind of tinged with pink. The only thing I could figure it is would be the hertz clean n chew bone. He doesn’t take pieces off but he does make it really sharp and we take it from him and give him a fresh one. Well it looks like he isn’t getting any anymore. I have an appointment with the vet for tomorrow. I am just wondering if I should pay the emergency charge and get him looked at now. He is our little baby and is so important to us. I hate that he is in pain.

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