As I type this message I am holding my Cat that almost died about an hour ago, because of ZODIAC flea spray. I have 2 Cats and only one had a major issue with in 30 mins after putting it on him. The other one took an hour or more but he had very little issue, but I still washed it off with Dawn dish soap and warm water, 5 times. I call the vet and after washing my cat that was about to died, I had to induce vomiting with salt, as he may have licked it. He became VERY disoriented and could not stand. When he would walk he would fall over. He even closed his eyes and stopped breathing while in my arms, for about a min and then started breathing again and opened his eyes. He is doing a lot better now! Vet is not open after hours and I have to wait until AM to take him in for a check up.

Many or years ago I used HARTZ and my other cat almost died. I only use ADAMS spray, but the store was out and have been for sometime now, so I thought I would use ZODIAC as I have never heard anything bad about it. ZODIAC and HARTZ should be removed and not allowed to be sold!!!

Here is a link of YouTube about Hartz and other products that have killed pets!!!!


  1. I have used Hartz for over five years on two different animals and have never had a problem. I question the intentions of this site.

  2. Hi Lisa,

    I used Hartz two or three times before my cat almost died from using it. It took about 30 minutes to an hour from the time I applied it on my cat, before I had to wash it off with Dawn dish sopa and run my cat to the Vet ER!!! My Vet said he would have died if I did not bring him in. He was slipping away in my arms and was going in and out of consciousness.

    Why risk killing your pet if thoundands of people are saying this or other products killed or almost killed their pets???!!!! Would you do the same to your kids? Ask your Vet about Hartz. They should know about it, but I have heard that some Vets sell Hartz at their office and it too almost or did kill someones pet. Hartz must pay them to sell the product to show people it’s approved by Vets. Most Vets I go to tell me not to use Hartz or any of the products at pet stores.

    Go on and search Hartz kills. You will see some very sad videos of what can happen!!! I think in will open your eyes!! So we can only hope it does!!!

    One of the links below is to media coverage on local news.

    Video links to what can happen to our beloved animals (viewer discretion is advised):

  3. FYI- Do not use salt to induce vomiting! It can cause major problems (and death)! That may have contributed to how your kitty was acting. I’m not saying Zodiac isn’t bad, b/c I have seen it cause many problems in cats, just don’t use salt!

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