My puppy almost died today!

On Saturday I got a chihahua that is 6 months old and adorable named Socks. trying to be a good pet mom I got her the Hartz Ultra Guard drops for 4 – 15 pounds and I applied them on Saturday afternoon. Everything seemed fine until this morning Tuesday Feb. 1 when she became sick at her stomach and began vomiting. I thought she had parvo since her previous owner had not vaccinated her. Luckily she had a vet appointment for this afternoon and they agreed to let me bring her in early to observe her. Socks wound up having to stay all day and undergo several tests and the resulst showed that she had a reaction to the Hartz! I am so upset and of course there is no number to call to get refunded the ammount I paid and I believe that they should reimberse me for part of the vet bill since they were responsible . They need to be pulled off the market and how do we get the cost of our vet care back? No animal deserves to die or get sick as they are family members not dollar signs.

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