This is ridiculous!

I cannot believe all these stories and poor people who have had traumatic experiences with their pets and this terrible brand. Thank god for this website!!! I had been buying frontline plus from my vet for Paisley. My mom told me to buy it at a store because it would be cheaper. Well they didn’t have any frontline and Paisley’s fleas are all gone but there might be some still in the apt so I decided to get her some Sergeant Silver flea and tick squeeze on. I put it on Paisley last night. She was napping in another room while I was doing homework. After a few hours she comes in acting strange.  She was walking very slowly and shaking all four legs like she had just stepped in a puddle of water.  So that’s what I thought had happened and went back to hw.  Less than an hour later I go to check on her and she is in the closet laying there barely able to stand up. She was walking so slowly now and had shaking in her legs. When I touched them or the back of her neck where the medicine was she would cry. Her personality was so different it reminded me of when she was coming off the anesthisia after getting spayed, like she was “drunk” and scared cause she didn’t know what was happening to her.  I googled sergeant silver’s flea medicine and this was the very first site that popped up. Obviously more people go on this website to complain about Hartz than to buy it or look at the products on their website. After skimming a couple stories I gave her a bath with dawn soap and water.  I scrubbed the back of her neck very good and washed everywhere else to make sure. That was a hassle since the last time I bathed her she was about half the size she is now! Then she was growling and crying (which she never does) when I dried her off like I was hurting her or she was just so sick she didn’t want to be bothered.  She was still pretty scared (and probably pissed)  for little while afterwards but she finally got up in bed and curled up never to me. When I woke up this morning she was still lethargic but her personality was back and no more shaking.  I went to class and came back to find her back to her normal self.  She played and played for hours and just laid down beside me for a nap 🙂 I’m outraged by all the victims (pets and owners) that have been scarred from this product. How can they keep this poison on the shelves with no warning to unsuspecting pet owners??? I am so pissed at this company something needs to be done to gets these dangerous chemicals from being sold.

Once again thank you so much for making this site and raising awareness. I am so grateful to have Paisley back to her normal funloving self 🙂

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  1. I am very sorry to hear about your dog’s reaction to Sergeant’s Silver Squeeze-On Flea and Tick product. According to the EPA, Sergeant’s Gold and Sergeant’s Silver squeeze-on products are associated with more adverse incidents than ANY other flea and tick product on the market.

    Here is EPA’s Cyphenothrin Summary Document for Registration Review:

    Excerpt from page 14:

    “There have been several reported pet incidents involving the use of cyphenothrin pet treatments on dogs. From January 2006 to November 2009, there were 149 reported mortalities, 367 major reported incidents, 13,455 moderate reported incidents and 32,713 minor reported incidents. From all reported pesticide related pet incidents, cyphenothrin products account for 10% of the total reported pet mortalities, 13% of all major incidents,
    54% of all moderate incidents, and 65% of all minor incidents.”

    Sergeant’s Gold and Sergeant’s Silver squeeze-on products also pose significant risks to human health. Here is the EPA’s Human Health Assessment Scoping Document in Support of Registration Review for Cyphenothrin:


    “The toxicology database for cyphenothrin is not complete.”

    “Combined MOEs estimated for exposures to children from hugging treated companion dogs are of concern.”

    Despite the significant risks to pets and children, the EPA has NOT ordered Sergeant’s to remove these products from the market, nor (to the best of my knowledge) has Sergeant’s voluntarily recalled them. That’s appalling.

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