Gave my cat hartz about 3 hours ago.

Well I had purchased Hartz Ultra Guard Pro for cats flea drops today. And when I had arrived home from work applied the flea medicine as it says to. As soon as I had applied the medicine she immediately started to rub the back of her neck and licking it off. At first I had thought that this is how a cat would just react to this kind of thing. So then about an hour goes by and I go to see what she is up to. And she is in the middle of a nap. And the entire area that I had applied the medicine on was a pinkish red, almost like blood.

I panic, looking for any areas of which blood is coming from. And I don’t find any. So now I don’t know if this is a chemical reaction or what. I got a wet rag and SOAKED her all of the area that the medicine had been exposed to. And then took some handsoap and re-soaked the area. Aswell as  starting to comb out everything.

I’m really freaking out. She is also have back leg spacisms. Every time she is beginning to walk and licking her toes and hands.

Here eyes are extremely dilated.

But she is eating and drinking water. She has used the bathroom.

I’m just really nervous that this is only going to get worse. I really regret not reading up about this stuff before buying it and using it on my poor cat. She doesn’t deserve this.

And I hope whoever reads this hopefully didn’t find out about all this in a state of panic.

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  1. Take her to the vet immediately. It sounds serious, especially since she is having leg spasms and her eyes are dilated. Please let me know how she does – I hope she feels better soon!

  2. Ok I used this hartz deflea stiff on my cat & she is really regretting me for putting it on her, her ear are burning with red & won’t stop rubbing her ears. I feel so so bad, I’m never going to use that again,
    I gave her to baths to try & stop the burning but it still burning her, what should I do?

  3. Bath her with some Dawn dish soap. Make sure to get all the soap off her. Do not use really hot water as that will make it absorb into the skin more. Make sure to get her all dry so she doesn’t get a chill from the bath. Thats all you can do besides going to the Vet, which I seriously recommend. If you know how clip her claws so she doesn’t hurt her ears worse too

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