Sick Doggy :(

I am so shocked after readind this. Growing up I can remember my parents giving this to my pets all the time. I usually give my dog advantage just as a precaution. I haven’t given it to her in awhile so I was at walmart and decided to get her Hartz ultragaurd drops. WORST MISTAKE! Within 45mins to a hour she started to itch and rub herself anywhere to sooth herself. We put her in the bath right away. And scrubbed her down. I watched her over night. She is still uncomfortable and will only lay on her side/back. This seems to be a comfortable position where she wont scratch. She is sooo sleepy. Is this normal? Did anyone else have this issue. I called the vet and they said keep an eye on her. She should be fine if she is still doing her business and eating/drinking. I’m just wondering if she is out of the ball park or could there possibly be worst to come? It’s been 15-16 hours since we put it on her and bathed her.

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