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My little guy Marlo who is almost 17 yrs old recently started having what I though was seizures even though he had never had this problem before.  Just today I saw one happen and it looked like he was just walking and then passed out for a few seconds.  We have been to the vet and had tests run.  He is clean and green.  Tonight he had another attack and then it hit me.  Just a month ago we started using the Hartz flea and tick 30 days drops.  He was fine for a few days after the 1st application then he started “passing out”.  This seemed to go on for about 3 weeks or so but has tapered off lately.  Last week was his shower time and we re-applied the drops again as the 30 days were up…Bam after almost 2 weeks of him being pretty okay he has another attack tonight………….

Not sure why but my brain went into overdrive(I have a medical background) and I managed to put to the pattern together.  He was immediately washed and we will monitor him for a few days to make sure he is okay.  Thank goodness for all the info on the web and this site to help confirm my suspicions.  It just didnt make sense he is a healthy dog albeit an older one.

This really irritates me that a company can be so irresponsible.  I spent 20 years as a corpsman in the Navy and I remember vividly having to do the “bug spraying” of the mess decks and storerooms late at night in full protective gear and mask.  Its the same product…even back then I had to get blood tests done monthly and remember feeling shakiness in my hands the next day after a night of “spraying”.  Makes sense since this stuff can really affect the central nervous system.

I think with my little guy it was causing him to short circuit somewhere in his system and causing him to pass out.

I will monitor him and take him back to the vet and repost here as to how he progresses.

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