Hartz Flea Medication nearly KILLED my cat.

I gave my cat the flea drops before going to bed the other night. I woke up to her making a ton of noise in the morning when I went and checked on her she was having a seizure. I managed to calm her down and bathe her to do what I could to get the “medication” off of her coat. She was spasming throughout the day so I took her into see the vet. While we were waiting for the vet she had a second seizure. At that time the vet put her on IV fluids, and diazapam and sent me to the local pharmacy to pick up human muscle relaxants. They then told me she had ingested/absorbed a lot of the poison and that she had a 50% chance of living, and with each seizure she is more likely to have brain damage. She stayed with the vet under critical care that night. My cat is a fighter and she pulled through. I have her at home with me now, she is still having spasms and is on the muscle relaxants. As for the brain damage, I wont know until she is off the medication. After reading up on Hartz products I am absolutely appalled that they are still on the market.

My heart goes out to those whose animals were not so fortunate.

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  1. i gave my 2 cats the hartzs flea and tick treatment. as soon as i put it on one of the cats he spazed out almost right away. i figured it was because he didnt like being held down for a few seconds. the next day we had to take the cat to the vet where we were told he overdosed on the treatments and he was having seizures. $200.00 in vet bills later hes doing good back to his old self. the second cat had a reaction as well but after 4 baths hes doing just fine as well. this flea and tick treatments should never be on the market if its going to harm the animals.

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