Hartz Flea and Tick Guard Gold almost killed my 3 dogs

After reading all of the other stories here, I feel fortunate that my dogs aren’t dead! I used this stuff on our three chiuhauhaus ( I don’t know how to spell it ) and I’m, our family is still really upset.

Our dogs started puking, trembles, involuntary jumps and kicks. They are also obviously hallucinating too. Biting at their toes and feet. Acting like they’re being attcked by fleas that don’t exist. Our oldest and smallest one 13yr old fmle, couldn’t stand up. We recognized association to the topical flea med and bathed them all again two and three times. Have had to lay with them almost constantly to comfort and calm them.

Luckily they kept eating and drinking.  Eventually resumed doing their business outside too. They are still far from normal more than 56 hours later. There should be a class action suit on this!

I truly fear my kids will never be the same again, ever!

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  1. Just watch their behaviors because I washed my 2 year old german shephard mix with Hartz flee and tick shampoo and the same night he had a seizure. The following month to the day he had another. I am hoping this stuff is just working it way out of his system but I am scared now there maybe permanent damage to my baby, so just monitor their behaviors here on in. I’m so sorry this happened to you it is so scary and I agree with you this needs to be brought to court!

  2. On 3/2/10, a lawsuit seeking class action status was filed on behalf of pet owners against Hartz, Sergeant’s, and Summit VetPharm (maker of Vectra and Vectra 3D, which are sold by Banfield Pet Hospital’s under the name FirstShield and FirstShield Trio).


    On 8/25/10, a lawsuit seeking class action status was filed on
    behalf of pet owners against Central Garden and Pet – the parent company of Farnam (maker of Adams and Bio Spot flea and tick products) and Wellmark International (maker of Zodiac flea and tick products).


    If you would like to participate in these class actions, please contact:

    Jacqueline Mottek
    Positive Legal Group
    [email protected]
    415.302.5371 (cell)

  3. We used this over the counter product on all three of our dogs and we lost all three of them before learning about the toxic product and I feel I killed them but learned that there was more to this story by reading about these poor people who have lost or came very close to loosing their loved ones. This makes me so mad that Wal-mart and other’s can sell this stuff, I just want to go yank it off the shelf or picket infront of the store. What can one person do? I really miss my dogs, 1 was a rotweiler (Bear) maybe 10 years old, 1 was a palmeranian (Brutus) about 9 years old and last was our mini dauchson (Charlette) who also was 10 years old but they were all so happy and health before we treated them with HARTZ FLEA and TICK rub on oientment. They all showed simalar signes of flat footed, biting at flies that weren’t their, strokes with the palmerainian and put him on medication for the strokes. All kinds of medical bills then having to be buried was the worst of it all. I will never forgive or forget and more word needs to get out to those who don’t have a computer or who wouldn’t have concidered this was the problem. How do they contiually get away with selling these items. Not enought lawsuits???
    Carol L. Hansen

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