hartz paste dewormer paralyzed my kitten

i used hartz dewormer paste on my 4 month old kitten and he ended up hopefully temporarily paralyzed from it.  I gave it to him on sunday and on weds he seemed a little off, by friday he could no longer move. Thankfully we took him to the vet tonight and they believe that he will either come out of it after some thiamine and steroids, or he might be permenatly damaged from it. siince this sunday he has started twitching his tail and has started to try to walk again. not only did me and my husband go through the heartache of this ordeal, but so didnt my 2 young children.  the sad part is, the vet says that see this type of thing all the time.  i plan on writing to my congressmen, USDA, and various other organizations, to tell them what is going on with this product.  I will be the voice for my cat and i will be heard.  This stuff kills. hopefully with a little luck my kitten will pull through this, I will never use another hartz product again.