My Doberman puppies are dying….

We thought it would be a good idea to worm our female adult doberman while she is nursing. On the box it says that it is safe for nursing dogs, but once again Hartz is lying. The puppies are three weeks old and are growing rapidly, healthy, and adorable. After worming the female two days ago, three of six puppies have been poisoned by Hartz wormer and killed. As you know, dogs are worth hundreds of dollars, but more than that they are precious puppies that have been murdered by Hartz. We are praying that the other three puppies will survive the night, and also the female dog. DO NOT BUY HARTZ.

Hartz Ear Mite Drops Made My Cat VERY Ill!

I have a 3 and a half year old male cat, Selmo. He’s been itching his ears a lot lately, so I cleaned them out and realized he had ear mites. I went to Wal Mart that day to get him “Hartz Ear Mite Drops”. Directions said put 4-5 drops in each ear then wipe out the excess. I did that.
The next day I got up to go to work at 10:00am, Selmo was laying at the foot of my bed as usual and I left for work. I came home around 3:30pm and he was still in the same spot and didn’t seem like he had moved. 7:30pm rolled around, he was still in the same spot, acting strange and very lethargic. I told myself that if he wasn’t better by the morning, he was going to see the vet.
That night I filled up his food bowl (this makes him extremely excited) and he didn’t move. He just looked at me with the sadest expression a cat can possibly make. I knew then, my baby was really sick…
I took him to the vet the next morning, he had a fever of 106 degrees (Normal feline temperature is approx 100 degrees – 102 degrees) I gave my vet the ear drops and she said “This is the problem…Hartz.” They pumped my baby with IV fluid to flush his system and cool him down, then sent him home with me and told me to call if any other behavioral changes happen. I took him home, got him some chicken nuggets (his favorite) which he did eat, and took his temp throughout the night. It stayed at about 102-103 but he was still being lethargic, not drinking fluids, and not eating (besides the chicken nuggets I got him) and he had only peed twice after having an IV. (This was all last night.)
This morning I woke up to take his temp…104.7degrees so I called our vet and she said to bring him in. They gave me an anitbiotic and a fever reducer/ pain reliever. I gave him that today at 4:00pm, then checked his temp at 7:00pm and it was at 103 degrees. He is currently laid up in my bed right now, lethargic, not eating or taking in fluids or using the bathroom. If this continues tomorrow, I am taking him to the vet for the third day in a row.
…What I want to know is HOW IS THIS CRAP STILL ON THE SHELVES WHEN IT’S OBVIOUSLY TOXIC?!!?! I think Hartz should pay my 300$ vet bill. I buy 4$ ear drops, and end up with a very sick little kitty and 300$ in the hole. Now how is that fair to Selmo, me, and the countless others who have expierenced this with Hartz products? Something needs to be done to get that s*** off the shelves. I am going to Wal Mart tomorrow to voice my concern about this. If this ends up killing my best friend, I might have to find the people making this crap they call ‘medicine’ and feed it to them!!!

Golden Retriever sick

The weekend before I Thanksgiving, I used Hartz UltraGuard Plus flea drops on my Golden. Thanksgiving Day she vomited, and since then has had loose stools and vomiting almost daily. She has been to the vet. 5 times, and is now in the hospital with I-V’s.
So far the vet bills have been over $2,000 and growing. Why is this product allowed to be on the market when it is so dangerous?
It breaks my heart that I might loose her.

Human Reaction!! HELP!!

We have been bathing Bella for almost 5 months now with The Hartz Flea and Tick shampoo. We have been having a crazy itch and horrible rashing with no clue why. Shes tick and flea free, BUT we are miserable with a horrible rash and itch that wont go away. She has been peeing and pooping irregularly and its everytime we bath her it gets bad. PLEASE HELP!!!

What are the dangers to human contact with this product, and how the heck do we get rid of the itch and start over again for Bella’s health and ours ūüôā


A death in the family.

This past Saturday, I lost my bulldog puppy to Hartz. She was only six months old. She was fine the night before, jumping around and licking everyone. The next morning was utter hell for me. I woke up to my mother screaming that there was something wrong with Alice. I immediately ran outside, grabbed the puppy and rushed to the vet. She looked horrible. She was breathing harshly, her mouth was open slightly and she was barking but the barking was muffled. I kept my hand on her chest and any time I moved her, she would cry. Her neck was very, very stiff as well. When we got to the vets, we told him she looked like she had been poisoned. He asked where she could have gotten it from and we said we had absolutely no idea. She was pinned up on our porch and the door leading outside is always locked. When we walked her, she always stayed with us and was on a leash. So, when we saw her and the way she acted, we began to question the things on the porch. My mother and I began looking round and low and behold we found a Hartz Flea and Tick Spray for Cats and Dogs. It turns out, the puppy had chewed on the bottom of the bottle, mind you the bottle was almost twenty years old and almost empty, and had gotten it open and my mother and I guessed the puppy had gotten some of the substance into her system and had swallowed it. When we mentioned this to the vet, he said that it was impossible for a puppy to die from a twenty year old, almost dried out substance at the bottom of a bottle. I disagreed with him completely. I had been on this website about two years ago after I had bought my two dogs the flea drops from Hartz. I freaked out and washed them for almost three hours for fear that they would lose their fur or better yet die from the dosage.

It came back to haunt me in a huge and drastic way. I lost a six month old puppy because she may have licked the inside of a twenty year old bottle. My mom and I looked everywhere and found nothing that would have done her that way. The vet said she was poisoned with a very high dosage. I believe it was the Hartz bottle. That was the only thing it could have been. After reading a lot of the stories on here, I have came to the conclusion that is what killed her. She was a beautiful dog and I miss her very, much. I believe with all of my heart that she was killed by a product that, even after twenty years of being shelved, was still strong enough to paralyze her, place her into shock, and slowly suffocates her to death.

I want to se this banned completely. I want it gone. If a bottle that it well over its shelf life can kill a dog in a matter of hours… there is no telling what this product could do if they amped up the dosage and made it the only thing you could buy off the shelves. I am just utterly speechless by all of this….



Hartz flea drops almost killed my cat

I am SO glad that I found your site….thanks so much, you saved my cat from death.¬† On Thursday evening, I gave all of my animals their flea drop medicine.¬† I always use advantage, but about a month ago, a friend lost his beloved pet and donated the leftover food and flea medicine to me.¬† One item was a single sample of Hartz flea drops specifically for adult cats.¬† I decided I might as well use it up and poor Kitty was the unlucky recipient.¬† I did notice as soon as I administered it, she was immediately upset and ran outside.¬† I figured she was just annoyed at me for giving her the medicine and didn`t think much of it as both of my cats are indoor – outdoor cats and are free to come and go as they please.¬† I didn`t see Kitty again until she came in the next afternoon.¬† I immediately noticed some very odd behavior.¬† She was twitching and jerking uncontrollably and seemed to be having a seizure or spasms.¬† She immediately went for her food and water, but the uncontollable jerking made it very difficult for her to eat and drink.¬† I picked her up and tried to soothe her and only then noticed how bad off she was.¬†¬† The jitters she had were so strong, it was difficult to hold onto her.¬† And she kept opening and closing her mouth like she wanted to scream, but no sound came out.¬† Neither of the other animals were having this type of reaction at all, so I immediately went online and searched for reactions to the Hartz flea drops and found your site.¬† I immediately bathed Kitty using dish detergent, and slept with her that night to try to soothe her jitters.¬† The next morning, she seemed better, but still was shaking involuntarily.¬† She was able to eat and drink.¬†¬†Again, I gave her another bath with dish detergent and carefully dried her off.¬† She slept most of the day, but today when she got up, she was like her old self.¬† No jitters, very happy, purring and eating and drinking normally.¬† I am hoping that the baths have gotten rid of the poison that is so obviously in Hartz flea drops.¬† I will continue to monitor her closely, but believe she is on the path to complete recovery.¬† Thank you so much for your information and for creating this web site.¬† I fully believe it saved my cat`s life.

2 in 1 flea collars

HELP!!!!! Last week I purchased 2 of this product, the last 3 days my oldest pug has done nothing but sleep, can hardly walk straight.  Then I noticed she was breathing very labored, I removed the collar.  Is there something else I need to do?

Legalized Pet Poision…WTF..There is help!

We usually use Advantage Plus for our 3 dogs throughout the summer months to avoid fleas and ticks and we don¬ít need anything for our cats as they stay indoors and with the dogs treated our cats can¬ít get anything. We have never had a flea in the house. We have always been advised by the vet that once the colder weather arrives we no longer need to… treat the dogs.

This year by mid September we were having frost at night, but we had a vey hot and humid summer that I didn’t take into consideration. I didn’t bother going to the Vet and getting another box of Advantage, once the frost hits fleas die outside so our flea season is over.

Monday night watching t.v with a cat on one side and a dog on another I felt a mosquito like bite on my ankle. I looked and it was a FLEA. I flipped out and went to the only place open at that time at night, 10:30pm to get something to address the issue. Well Wal-Mart it was.

I have never used over the counter flea or tick prevention before as I thought that it was not as effective as the Vet products. I have always seen Hartz products in the pet stores so thought I would give it a shot since if you can buy it, it must be safe as long as you use it correctly. We also have 6 cats that needed to be treated now and the cost of Advantage is high soI picked up the flea and tick shampoo for cats and dogs and then the Ultra Plus flea and tick drops for both cats and dogs. I totally thought that I got a deal, so much cheaper then the Vet stuff and problem solved.We got home bathed all the pets, when they dried off we applied the Ultra Plus Flea and Tick drops to all the cats and dogs. I thought that all was ok and went off to bed.

The next morning my boyfriend is screaming for me to come see the cats. I was horrified to see that 3 of our cats look like they are having a seizure. Poor things are curled up twitching and shaking uncontrollably. I put them all in the carriers and rushed to the vet. When I arrived and told the Vet Tec that we had used Hartz products on them, they rushed me in to see a Vet ASAP.The Vet took one look at my 3 little ones and told me they were all suffering from TOXICICITY. I was stunned. He told me that Hartz products are terrible for pets and can cause DEATH. Cats are especially sensitive to these cheep products. I was in a state of shock.

I had to leave all three cats at the Vet for 3+ nights for them to do blood work and put them on IV fluids to get the toxins out of their system. That was $585 per cat. the Vet instructed me to go home right away and wash all the pets with anything but Hartz soap even if I didn’t see any troublesome signs.

As I was filling out the paper work, the Vet Tec told me that a woman was in the week before with 2 cats that had the same issue, she used the Hartz flea drops on her cats. Unfortunately she waited too long to bring them in and they died as they were trying to set the IV drips.

We have not had an issue with our dogs or other cats and our cats at the vet are ok NOW¬Ö.Thank God!!! We do have a $1755 + tax bill that I have to pay tomorrow when I pick up may cats. Plus another $250.50 for Advantage Flea Prevention for all of the pets now.

It cost me just over $100 for all the Hartz POISON I bought and almost killed 3 of my pets by being legal to sell on shelves. If I had any I had any idea that this stuff was not safe I would have just waited until the morning and picked up the VET APPROVED medicine for the extra $150.

Tuesday night my boyfriend completely furious, found this site. After reading all the awful things that have happened to people’s beloved pets, I had to call Hartz and blast them. They claim that all their products are approved to be used on pets, and they must be to be sold on every pet store to grocery store. I mentioned this site to them and suggested they read what their products have done. They replied by telling me that they cannot take anything serious from the internet, as the internet is not regulated. They didn’t have a comment when I asked them about their web site on the internet. Funny though, they have a message voice to press #2 for a pet or Human Medical Emergency. Upon further investigation into WHY these products are still allowed to be sold seeing that Hartz had a big Law Suite already this year I made some calls.

I called the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association in regards to the matter as I thought they determined if products are safe for pet use. They make recommendation about products based on reported cases and submit them to Health Canada. They told me that they have informed Health Canada about Hartz products being unsafe, but yet they are still on the shelf.I called Health Canada, well all I got there was an answering machine. I left my concern with my contact info as requested¬Öthat was Tuesday, I have not heard back from them. I will be calling diligently until I talk to someone at Health Canada.

In the meantime, I have decided to print off many of the victims posts and this web site and others and have been putting flyers up and dropping them off everywhere that sells Hartz products. I am also getting the Vet Association to send me their findings on Hartz products and I will be sending that to all retailers that sell Hartz products.

If you are in Canada, I encourage you to file a complaint with Health Canada with your pet medical emergency caused by the use of Hartz products and EVERYONE in Canada and the U.S to call Hartz and file a complaint with them.

I am very thankful that my pets survived the hell call Hartz, but many people have lost their pets. How many pets have to get ill or die to get this CRAP gone and take Hartz down to where they belong.

I feel like using their own Hartz products on them¬Ö..they are the pest/parasite that need to be eliminated.Some JERKS are making millions from the Hartz company while our pets get sick, suffer or die.

A friend and I started a facebook page…not just to tell your victim story, but meet some people in Canada and the U.S that are a part of class action law suites.
We have also inculded all the contact info to the EPA and FDA to file what you have incurred with your pet.
This site help me save my pets….but for many it was too late.
We are NOT going to let Hartz continue. We who have started the page have cntact with one of the lead investiagtors at the EPA and they are taking all reports very seriously.

Please visit our page and FIGHT BACK!!!/pages/Hartz-Products-Are-Killing-Our-Pets/127006737354810