This is not fair!

I just got a yorkie about two weeks ago. My family is new to having a pet around inside the house, usually we have outdoor cats. Milly had her first veterinarian check up with us two days ago, and we found out she had fleas. Since Milly is living in our house, we took this matter very seriously and we did whatever we could to prevent/kill the fleas. Our vet gave her a treatment that would only last a day, and said to come back on Monday for the full treatment. Well we couldn’t wait another day because we wanted Milly to be 100% ok! So I went to Petco to buy a flea product for fast relief, and unfortunately I was drawn to buy HARTZ flea and tick spray. As soon as I got home, I applied the product just as the directions told me to do so. I sprayed a little on her from 6 inches away, rubbed it in, brushed her and then wiped her down with a towel. Shortly after the application, she was lethargic and couldn’t stand up. I quickly went to my computer to search HARTZ flea treatment side affects to see if it was normal for a dog to act this way, and to be sure everything was ok. Needless to say I came across this site, and read all of the testimonials. THANK GOD I did so, the information saved my dogs life! I called my vet for extra advice on what to do. She said to wash Milly with Dawn soap or mild dog soap, and pour loads and loads of water on her. I did so, and after I dried her up there was an instant change in her behavior. She began to lick my fingers and walk around again. I thank everyone for sharing their stories! I’m so glad I was able to save my dog, and I am unbelievably sorry for those who have lost their little joys to such devastating circumstance. HARTZ should be around no longer! It is not fair for unknowing consumers to purchase this product in hopes of helping their pet! Not killing it!

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  1. Congrats to you on your new, precious family addition and very happy this website could save your puppy. Wish you many years of joy and happiness. The losses I read about on this website are overwhelming and so wrong. It’s a disgrace that $$ motivates such heartbreak.

  2. Google garlic and dogs. I did. My two chihuahuas went through the same thing. After application of the flea medication they began having siezures at the same time and I had to bathe them three times to get it off their coats. I had to lay with them on floor to comfort them for more than 4 hours. Luckily they would drink water every time I put the bowl up to them. Then I stumbled on to a site about garlic and dogs and now I am a firm believer that garlic is a great flea repellant. I add garlic powder to their chicken when boiling. I also add celery pieces and they love it. Do your research, Google garlic and dogs and you will read lots of positive testimonials. My cat even eats it. None of my pack even needs to wear a flea collar. I have not seen one flea (or tick) on my furry pack in about 2 years. Try it. They’ve never been happier.

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