My boyfriend Jim and I just spent an ENTIRE night helping our Chihuahua,Moochie recover from a horrible reaction to this stuff!! I feel so betrayed by my Vet :(. I have never seen this precious little baby in so much agony!!! Even when she had bi lateral and inguinal hernia surgery in Feb 2010 she was not in so much discomfort!! My Vet changed what seemed to be a perfectly acceptable medication, to this CRAP!!! Do these people NOT realize that our Furries are like our human babies? We LOVE them and we agonize over their needs and well being just like we would our human children!!! These babies deserve just as much respect and compassion as humans do!!! Give me a break!!! Has the world come down to just the bottom dollar and marketing such toxic stuff to make money out weighs the potential for harming the user? How do we really band together people and stop this company dead in its tracks? I am ready to fight back!! Reply to me and lets show these people that we are not going to take this anymore!!!!! Boycott,phone the company,flood their system with emails!!! Our hearts were breaking last night every time poor Moochie squealed and seemed to bounce off the very walls in here discomfort :(. Our Furrie babies need us to protect them and give a voice to their needs!!! Help send a message to these people!!!!!! Could someone send more info on the class action lawsuit that has been filed? I think we should sue the hell out of this company.

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  1. HI Nae! Sorry for what you had to go through.. I, too, watched my pet suffer because of Hartz. My cat died in 3 minutes after suffering a horrible seizure. As a result, a Facebook friend and I set up a page providing information on how to file a claim against Hartz through the EPA. Our page is, “Hartz Products are killing our Pets” We provide a lot of information we have found on the net along with other stories by pet owners. We are promoting the filing of claims against Hartz. The more claims filed, the quicker the EPA can pull the stuff off of the shelves. Depending on where you live, we have also provided some information to inquire about Class Action lawsuits. Please do not hesitate to check out our page and we will try to answer any questions that you may have.

    1. Wow I’m on a mission to let everyone I can on fb and in person know how awful this company is..Even Google who censors everything warns ppl about it! I had no idea it’s been going on so long this needs to be stopped !

  2. If your vet is recommending Hartz products, seek a new one. No veterinarian that’s worth their salt would promote anything but Frontline, Vectra, Sentinel, or Revolution for flea control. If they offer something other than that, don’t go there. Those four are the only products that are guarenteed to be safe if gotten from the vet clinic. Remember, that while safe for prevention, some pets do have allergies, so don’t be afraid to try a different one of those four if your pet is allergic to one.

  3. I just recently bought my friend’s cute Papillion two years old dog. My friend gave me the products she had bought and has been using on her.
    This dog gets extremely agitated when she sees other dogs, barks, shakes and is alomost irrational.
    This is not about tick and flee shampoo or drops but the Hartz’s beef-Flavored toothpaste. I read the incredients, propylene glycol. It is in anti freeze and it is a solvent. It can cause skin irritation, liver abnormalities and kidney damage. The other incredients are not any better, causing cancers etc
    Then another company’s PetZoral spray. The second incredient is Grain alcohol. It is very dangerous, toxic,effects on brain and motor function. Can cause permanent brain damage and skin irritation. My friends has also used the whitening shampoo. I am curious to see what the incredients are in that?????
    As far as I am conserned I am not buying anything from these pet stores for my pet. Liisa

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