What the hell!

We have a 10 lb. Jack-Chi that we gave Sargeant’s Gold flea and tick too yesterday. She had a flea, and being here mama, I thought, well, if there is one, she probably has others. I gave her the formula on her back as directed for her weight. Not even 2 minutes later she was runnung around trying to get the stuff off her back and then hiding from us. I gave her a bath, not even 10 minutes later to get the stuff off. Night time came and she slept by my leg all night shaking and hallusinating. She was jumping around like something was chasing her and would not eat, drink or sleep. At one point she started panting very hard and that is where I started to cry thinking I poisoned my little girl. I called the 24 emergency vet and told her about the Sargeant’s flea and tick and he suggested I wash her, which I had done, and then told me that stuff was like legalized poison on shelves! It has now been about 24 hours and she is just starting to act normal. The scariest experience I have gone through. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT!!

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  1. Sorry for what you had to go through with your pet. You were very smart in bathing your pet promptly. The poisons do absorb quickly into their skin and can shut down their organs.

    I have set up a page on Facebook called “Hartz Products are Killing our Pets” We offer information to help file a claim against Hartz with the governing agency, the EPA. More complaints filed, improves the chances of getting Hartz products off the shelves. I hope your pet improves..

  2. The reaction your dog had (while it was appropriate to get the Hartz product off them with a bath) is something that he may do with other, safer products. Some pets don’t like the sensation Frontline, Vectra, or Revolution (the ONLY three topical products that should ever be used on a pet for flea control) leaves on their skin. It’s akin to tingling, and may cause them some distress. However, they should settle down within a few minutes. If you get one of these three products from your vet and he doesn’t settle down after 10-15 minutes, call your vet. They’ll know what to do and will be glad to help.

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