Frightening: I bought another product now worried

My cat is constipated so I bought Vet’s Best thinking it was capsules of psyllium & slippery elm.  On opening I didscovered it was filled with horse sized PILLS which were also HARD.  the directions said t break pills in small pieces feed to cat.  NOW:  a person CANNOT BREAK these HUGE pills.  Also there are no score lines to cut them and they would never fit in a pill cutter.  Sooo…. I put 2 in my coffee grinder and ran it a loooonnnnnggg time to powder them:  and mess up the grinder which is for coffee. Psyllium & slippery elm are not easy to clean off at all.  I wil call Hartz, the bottle says Money Back Guarantee.  Let me know what that means from Hartz when ya get a moment.

So sad t o red these storeis.  Luckily pet lovers know each other, so I will join in and SPRED THE WORD RE HARTZ AND MAYBE THEY WILL FOLD AND ANOTHER CO. CAN BUY THEM FOR A FEW PENNIES.

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  1. I don’t recommend you using any of their products.. too many have died or been injured by Hartz. Hartz company indicated that they make more in revenue than they do in reimbursements to pet owners who have watched their pets die or suffer.

  2. When in doubt, call your vet. Constipation can be easily fixed with one to two enemas. It’s not harmful to the cat, they don’t have to ingest anything, and while they may not be happy about it, it will relieve them quickly in most cases. Any pills, capsules, or homeopathic remedies you decide to try to give you pet should be cleared with a veterinarian first. Your vet may have recommended an enema, or said giving some mineral oil would be fine. Much cheaper and much less scary than that bottle of pills you got. Anything you find to be out of character with your pet, please call your vet. You won’t be charged for asking a couple of questions, and if he or she needs to be seen (some things that seem minor can actually be emergencies) they will let you know. No vet worth their salt will have you come in for something that doesn’t really need to be seen. Those that do, just want your money. However, it’s better to call and ask than to end up having this happen again, eh?

  3. An owner of a pet store said to put up to 1 teaspoon of plain yogurt on the cat’s nose for constipation. THIS WORKED IMMEDIATELY! Now the problem is solved.
    And…the vet I went to only wanted money: even if it were only $1 dollar I was short, they toldme to come back on 1/1/11, when I said I would have $$ to get the stool softener they had prepared for me!!! They wanted $80 for an enema (an expensive location). So $$ was #1 for this vet.
    I went back and thanked the pet store owner for his wonderful advice.:)

  4. The best thing that I have used for constaption in pets is to give them milk. Dogs and cats are lactose intollerent, so if they have some if constapated will just help them pass a movement. There are no ill effects to your pet by giving them milk. I have done it for years with cats and dogs to avoid unnessisary vet bills and treatments.
    There are also others cheep and very effective ways to treat constapation with pets. Sardines and/or pumpkin (not pie filling, just canned pumpkin) are also very effective also. There are some higher end pet food suppliers that carry wet cat and dog food with pumpkin added for pets that have constapation issues.
    Also if your pet is having this issue very regularly, then you may want to change food. Most of the pets foods have wheat and corn added to them, so your pet will always have issues with going to the bathroom. There are many brands of pet food that are NOT carried at Wal-Mart and other major retailers, they are at higher end pet stores. Wellness, Eagle Pack, Taste of the Wild are very good brands of food that I have liked and many vets will recommend.
    Please try to aviod a fleet or enema, they are not good for your pet. Also they can cause complete bowel incontinence.

  5. thanks for all the info. A pet store owner had told me to give my cat 1 teaspoon of yogurt and this has worked! I used to use better food, but have lost the habit during a recent house sale and move and I think you are right about wheat & corn. So will get back to better products. My cat is beginning to refuse those cheap grain filled foods and wants good wet food.
    Luckily I didn’t let the vet do an enema. I did not know they were so harmful — also the vet wanted $80 to give the cat an enema!!! Hard to believe isn’t it when a littel milk product will do the trick.
    My cat is still adjusting to an inside life after living his whole life as a free outdoor cat . Apartment living & the litter box seem to be an adjustment.

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