I Wish I Read This Blog Before Giving My Poor Cats HARTZ Flea Control

This story came in via email from Jaclynn:

“I gave both my cats Hartz Flea Control stuff before bedtime (which I purchased at Walmart). I noticed something was up at about 4:00 am when one of my cats Tigger, wasn’t sleeping in the bed with me. After looking around for him I finally found him under the bed which I though was very strange. After much coaxing, I finally got him out from under the bed to sleep next to me… I noticed during the night that he kept flinching (like pets often do when they have nightmares). It became clear that something was really wrong when he wouldn’t eat his breakfast in the morning (he LOVES food)… I rushed him to the vet immediately after I noticed he was walking funny and twitching.

“The vet said that most of the poison had been absorbed and may have compromised his Kidneys; he also mentioned this wasn’t his first experience with this product poisoning pets. He advised me to go home and check on my other cat Tinkerbell, who seemed fine when I left. Sure enough Tinkerbell was twitching so I rushed her in as well. He washed the poison of their backs and both cats had to spend the night on IV. They are home now and on antibiotics but still seem very ill with high fevers.

“This whole experience has been extremely stressful and emotional. I am very lucky that both my cats are alive but I am worried about the effect this might have on them long term. On top of the huge vet bill I have missed a ton of work and had many sleepless nights because of Hartz. I want Justice.

“Do you know Hartz will actually give you a claim number and has a whole routine set up for this madness? How sad. If anyone would like to start a civil suit against Hartz or has any suggestions for me please let me know! The vet even offered to testify against them…”

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  1. A class action lawsuit was filed against Hartz earlier this year:


    Contact Hartz again and find out how to submit your vet expenses to them for reimbursement. If they refuse to help you, consider joining the lawsuit against Hartz.

    If you would like to participate in the lawsuit, please contact:

    Jacqueline Mottek
    Positive Legal Group
    [email protected]
    415.302.5371 (cell)

    I hope that your cats quickly recover.

  2. also please check out the Facebook page, “Hartz Products are killing our pets” we provide some information on how to file a claim with the EPA. We need to do what we can to get Hartz off the shelves.

    Also, Hartz will reimburse you for your vet expenses. YOu will need to document everything, but they will pay you back if you are persistent.

  3. Forgot to mention too.. that Stephanie (facebook friend who helped me set up the facebook page) also obtained information about filing a claim with the EPA.. Per the rep at the EPA, that vets documentation and claims against hartz = 1000 consumer complaints… Please check out our Facebook page, which provides contact information and how to advice to get the claim filed. This will improve the chances of getting an investigation started against Hartz and get the products off the shelves. We need to do what we can to save our pets and improve awareness about Hartz. I appreciate your time and sorry you and your pets had to suffer because of Hartz. I hope your pets recover.

  4. I wish I had known about this before today. I just got my cat back from the vet after spending nearly $300 (and I’m not done yet) for the visit. He was fine one day and within 18 hours of applying the Hartz he was lethargic. I was not certain what was going on, but with my background, and knowing that he had not come into contact with anything else, I immediatly washed him down to remove any of the product that was still on him.

    Lab tests will be back tomorrow to let us know about any kidney or liver damage.

  5. We have put a facebook page together when myself and a friend had issues with our pets and Hartz. With our investigations into the products more, we both realized that hartz was toxic.
    I am in Canada, Hartz products are not as common as the U.S due to the different retailers, but we do still have this shit at wal-mart.
    I am so happy that your vet is willing to stand up and say something……my vet won’t and many other vets won’t get involved either.
    Please see our page, there are many people that want to join a law suite…….
    Also we have all info for contacting the right people at the EPA and all info for complaints.
    We also have lots of info for flea and tick removal.


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