Dog Flea Spray and Tube

Written last night…

I used the spray twice but only left it on for a very short time,
just till my baby started shaking and I saw a rash forming. My Shihpoo’s skin was
“burning” it seemed similiar to a persons scalp burns when a perm is
left on too long. So both times I washed it off. The fleas were gone 1
day but then back then gone then back and only in batches less than 5.
So I just used a flea comb to rake the fleas up and kill them manually
between my nails. Tired of this and thinking we may have a bigger
problem I exchanged the spray for the drops at walmart. Thank goodness
they have a great return policy! Because I had no receipt. So many
told me the drops were better than the spray so I decided to give them
a try. People only recommended the “advantage” brand never another and
thinking all brands were the same I got hartz and put it on this
afternoon. I did see another rash, but didn’t think it was as bad so I
left it on about 10 hours!!! After 7 her heart was racing, and I did
think that strange…

Curious to see what reviews said about using the second dosage and
when or even if it worked I discovered this site, and all that I read
made sense because of the rash, so I bathed my baby instantly!! And I
am so worried I can’t sleep.

She’s curled up beside me in bed and i’m watching her for any unusual
signs 🙁 so far She’s just been breathing heavy sighs, like “stop
typing/clicking on your blackberry already, i’m trying to sleep!” haha

So here’s to hoping its not too far into her bloodstream!!!

And as soon as I can i’m fricken takin that garbage (the other 2
doses) BACK and THIS time i’m getting a gift card!!! Or cash,
whichever they want to give me! 😛 and I will bring a print off of
consumer reviews to let them know i’m not the only one and the stuff
is junk and should be taken off the shelf.

Oh hold on! My baby just made choking sounds!!! Like she threw up in
her mouth 🙁 I better get off my phone and let her sleep! Or she could
get sicker…

Goodnight from 2 year old Panda the Shihpoo and her Mommy! 🙂

The next morning…

Well she seems to be ok this morning, the rash is gone, just dry skin from the baths remains and her scratching…but so far all is well, thankfully!

2 Replies to “Dog Flea Spray and Tube”

  1. I didn’t see you mention whether or not you bathed your pet. If you haven’t you may want to consider bathing them quickly with Dawn dish soap. Once the product is absorbed into their skin it may affect their organs.. where many pets died due to organ failure. Please wash your pets and contact your vet and let them know what you posted here. It won’t benefit you or your pet to wait and see if they are “ok” or not.
    My pet died in 3 minutes due to a “non medicated” shampoo that promoted shiny healthy fur. .(Yeah the fur was quite shiny and resilient on my dead cat).. Good luck and hoping your pet is okay.

    Please see on Facebook, “Hartz Products Are Killing our pets” for additional information.

  2. Yes I did bathe her…and I did mention it. She hasn’t showed any other scary symptoms so I believe she is ok…thanks though, I plan on getting Dawn when I need more Shampoo…

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