My Doberman puppies are dying….

We thought it would be a good idea to worm our female adult doberman while she is nursing. On the box it says that it is safe for nursing dogs, but once again Hartz is lying. The puppies are three weeks old and are growing rapidly, healthy, and adorable. After worming the female two days ago, three of six puppies have been poisoned by Hartz wormer and killed. As you know, dogs are worth hundreds of dollars, but more than that they are precious puppies that have been murdered by Hartz. We are praying that the other three puppies will survive the night, and also the female dog. DO NOT BUY HARTZ.

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  1. so sorry for your loss.. This is terrible and Hartz has to be stopped. I, too, believed in the product because I figured it was safe or it wouldn’t be on our shelves.. nope.. wrong wrong wrong.. my cat died within 3 minutes after suffering a terrible seizure. As a result, after I got over my shock.. I was angry at hartz and have set up a facebook page called, Hartz Products are killing our pets” We have provided information and numbers to call to file a complaint against Hartz. Any vet bills you incur can be reimbursed by Hartz but you will need to be diligent and persistent. Document everything well. Any complaints filed by your vet counts like 1000 consumer complaints. We are hoping to provide an avenue where people can go to get the information/ammunition to file against Hartz. Praying for your pets and hoping for a good outcome. Please let us know on our facebook page how your pet and pups are doing.

  2. I’m sorry for your loss, and I know your post was from over a month ago, but I wouldn’t beat yourself up too much over your decision to use Hartz dewormer. While their flea and tick treatments can be dangerous, if you use the dewormer with the active ingredient Pyrantel pamoate (which looks to be the only dewormer they have labeled for pregnant and nursing females and for puppies 2 weeks of age and older.) then that actually is a very safe dewormer for pregnant, lactating, and very young dogs. Unless there was some sort of product contamination, my guess would be that your pups died suddenly from a viral cause such as parvo. Sometimes when parvo strikes young puppies like that, they show no clinical signs and just die suddenly with no warning (and they’re too young for a vaccine, although if mom was vaccinated recently, the pups should get some protection through the milk, but not full protection).. It is very much unlike an older puppy that gets diarrhea and vomits and just acts sick. ..a necropsy probably could have given you some answers. In reading all the other people’s stories about Hartz products killing their pets, I don’t find their stories surprising. Your story just stood out to me as being more likely another cause, and probably nothing you can blame yourself for.

    My complaint about their dewormer is that the recommended dosage is inadequate…in not killing all the worms it can make a pet sick from parasitism while the owner feels the pet should be worm-free because s/he was dewormed!

  3. i wormed my 8wk old puppy lastnight and this morning he died.. Hartz wormer killed my poor little heart is so borken.. never ever will i ever buy anything from Hartz..

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