Hartz Ear Mite Drops Made My Cat VERY Ill!

I have a 3 and a half year old male cat, Selmo. He’s been itching his ears a lot lately, so I cleaned them out and realized he had ear mites. I went to Wal Mart that day to get him “Hartz Ear Mite Drops”. Directions said put 4-5 drops in each ear then wipe out the excess. I did that.
The next day I got up to go to work at 10:00am, Selmo was laying at the foot of my bed as usual and I left for work. I came home around 3:30pm and he was still in the same spot and didn’t seem like he had moved. 7:30pm rolled around, he was still in the same spot, acting strange and very lethargic. I told myself that if he wasn’t better by the morning, he was going to see the vet.
That night I filled up his food bowl (this makes him extremely excited) and he didn’t move. He just looked at me with the sadest expression a cat can possibly make. I knew then, my baby was really sick…
I took him to the vet the next morning, he had a fever of 106 degrees (Normal feline temperature is approx 100 degrees – 102 degrees) I gave my vet the ear drops and she said “This is the problem…Hartz.” They pumped my baby with IV fluid to flush his system and cool him down, then sent him home with me and told me to call if any other behavioral changes happen. I took him home, got him some chicken nuggets (his favorite) which he did eat, and took his temp throughout the night. It stayed at about 102-103 but he was still being lethargic, not drinking fluids, and not eating (besides the chicken nuggets I got him) and he had only peed twice after having an IV. (This was all last night.)
This morning I woke up to take his temp…104.7degrees so I called our vet and she said to bring him in. They gave me an anitbiotic and a fever reducer/ pain reliever. I gave him that today at 4:00pm, then checked his temp at 7:00pm and it was at 103 degrees. He is currently laid up in my bed right now, lethargic, not eating or taking in fluids or using the bathroom. If this continues tomorrow, I am taking him to the vet for the third day in a row.
…What I want to know is HOW IS THIS CRAP STILL ON THE SHELVES WHEN IT’S OBVIOUSLY TOXIC?!!?! I think Hartz should pay my 300$ vet bill. I buy 4$ ear drops, and end up with a very sick little kitty and 300$ in the hole. Now how is that fair to Selmo, me, and the countless others who have expierenced this with Hartz products? Something needs to be done to get that s*** off the shelves. I am going to Wal Mart tomorrow to voice my concern about this. If this ends up killing my best friend, I might have to find the people making this crap they call ‘medicine’ and feed it to them!!!

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  1. so sorry for what you are going through. I so hope your pet survives and not forever damaged by Hartz.. my 3 yr old cat died in 3 minutes when I gave her a bath with Hartz Groomers Best Hairball formula shampoo.. “non medicated = safe” I thought. nope. So foolish and naive I was.

    Hartz WILL pay your vet bills but you will need to be persistent and document everything well.. They will reimburse you but you may need to bug them ALOT!

    A facebook friend and I started a page called “Hartz Products Are Killing Our Pets” to promote awareness of hartz products and offer solutions to file claims against Hartz and also obtain information to help our pets, through hearing their stories. Maybe together we can get the products off the shelves one product at a time.

    Thank you for your time.. and will pray for your pets. Wishing for a prompt, speedy recovery for all.

  2. Hartz earmite med for cats. My baby had what the vet called a serious reaction from it. 104 temp red ears and hair falling out. This started happening the second day of treatment. Lucky caught it early enough. It’s been a week and she’s getting better after antibiotic and cream for ears. All her skin dried up also

  3. Gave my cat the same drops! The next day he ate and threw up..then it happemed again after he ate!! Alls he does is sleep..and he hides when he sleeps which is not my baby..he always sleeps with me..three days went by he just slept in same spot!! So i finally took him to the vet they did blood work an said everythings fine..but the vet say she thinks its tyroid..come on all of a sudden its thyroid ..he acted different the day after givn him these damn drops..waiting today or resluts for thyroid ..the vet vet gabe him fluid wen at vets cause he was dehydrated. an gave me antibiotics ..this all took place yesterday takn him to vet..he’s had 1 dose of the liqid antibiotics ..today i wake up he was sleeping in same spot when i went to bed..still not eating nor drinking…i am a complete wreck..I’m not eating sleeping..this imy baby..did yr 3 year old cat get better??? Vet says if not thyroid he shud prolly b flushed but not till tomorrow ..i want my vet bills pId for by hartz..pray for my kitty he’s my worldim so scared an depressed..

  4. I have an 11 year old male cat names Snuffy and my parents thought that he had ear mites so we bought him these drops at Wal Mart. We gave them to him , 4 to 5 drops in each ear and massaged them just like it says. After about 5 days I noticed his ears we very red and irritated and he would hide places he never hid before, he wouldnt play, id even shake his treat bag that he would normally coming running too and he wouldnt come running like normal. I was really concerned for my kitty. And now were laying off the droos to see if he gets any better before taking him to the vet and he has a red patch under his left ear with hair coming off, he has bad pet dandruff, and theres brown flakey scabs all in his ears. Its really gross and I feel so bad, if he isnt better in the next couple days were going to take him to the Vet.

  5. Almost the same thing happened to our cat. We gave her the drops, she started getting more and more lethargic. She wouldn’t eat or drink, she could barely move. We ended up taking her to the vet, where she had to be put on an iv and given antibiotics. They didn’t help. Her kidney’s were already shutting down. Needless to say, we had to have her put to sleep so she wouldn’t have to suffer. Hartz is very toxic to cats and needs to be shut down!

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