Hartz Ear Mite Drops Made My Cat VERY Ill!

I have a 3 and a half year old male cat, Selmo. He’s been itching his ears a lot lately, so I cleaned them out and realized he had ear mites. I went to Wal Mart that day to get him “Hartz Ear Mite Drops”. Directions said put 4-5 drops in each ear then wipe out the excess. I did that.
The next day I got up to go to work at 10:00am, Selmo was laying at the foot of my bed as usual and I left for work. I came home around 3:30pm and he was still in the same spot and didn’t seem like he had moved. 7:30pm rolled around, he was still in the same spot, acting strange and very lethargic. I told myself that if he wasn’t better by the morning, he was going to see the vet.
That night I filled up his food bowl (this makes him extremely excited) and he didn’t move. He just looked at me with the sadest expression a cat can possibly make. I knew then, my baby was really sick…
I took him to the vet the next morning, he had a fever of 106 degrees (Normal feline temperature is approx 100 degrees – 102 degrees) I gave my vet the ear drops and she said “This is the problem…Hartz.” They pumped my baby with IV fluid to flush his system and cool him down, then sent him home with me and told me to call if any other behavioral changes happen. I took him home, got him some chicken nuggets (his favorite) which he did eat, and took his temp throughout the night. It stayed at about 102-103 but he was still being lethargic, not drinking fluids, and not eating (besides the chicken nuggets I got him) and he had only peed twice after having an IV. (This was all last night.)
This morning I woke up to take his temp…104.7degrees so I called our vet and she said to bring him in. They gave me an anitbiotic and a fever reducer/ pain reliever. I gave him that today at 4:00pm, then checked his temp at 7:00pm and it was at 103 degrees. He is currently laid up in my bed right now, lethargic, not eating or taking in fluids or using the bathroom. If this continues tomorrow, I am taking him to the vet for the third day in a row.
…What I want to know is HOW IS THIS CRAP STILL ON THE SHELVES WHEN IT’S OBVIOUSLY TOXIC?!!?! I think Hartz should pay my 300$ vet bill. I buy 4$ ear drops, and end up with a very sick little kitty and 300$ in the hole. Now how is that fair to Selmo, me, and the countless others who have expierenced this with Hartz products? Something needs to be done to get that s*** off the shelves. I am going to Wal Mart tomorrow to voice my concern about this. If this ends up killing my best friend, I might have to find the people making this crap they call ‘medicine’ and feed it to them!!!

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  1. so sorry for what you are going through. I so hope your pet survives and not forever damaged by Hartz.. my 3 yr old cat died in 3 minutes when I gave her a bath with Hartz Groomers Best Hairball formula shampoo.. “non medicated = safe” I thought. nope. So foolish and naive I was.

    Hartz WILL pay your vet bills but you will need to be persistent and document everything well.. They will reimburse you but you may need to bug them ALOT!

    A facebook friend and I started a page called “Hartz Products Are Killing Our Pets” to promote awareness of hartz products and offer solutions to file claims against Hartz and also obtain information to help our pets, through hearing their stories. Maybe together we can get the products off the shelves one product at a time.

    Thank you for your time.. and will pray for your pets. Wishing for a prompt, speedy recovery for all.

  2. Hartz earmite med for cats. My baby had what the vet called a serious reaction from it. 104 temp red ears and hair falling out. This started happening the second day of treatment. Lucky caught it early enough. It’s been a week and she’s getting better after antibiotic and cream for ears. All her skin dried up also

  3. Gave my cat the same drops! The next day he ate and threw up..then it happemed again after he ate!! Alls he does is sleep..and he hides when he sleeps which is not my baby..he always sleeps with me..three days went by he just slept in same spot!! So i finally took him to the vet they did blood work an said everythings fine..but the vet say she thinks its tyroid..come on all of a sudden its thyroid ..he acted different the day after givn him these damn drops..waiting today or resluts for thyroid ..the vet vet gabe him fluid wen at vets cause he was dehydrated. an gave me antibiotics ..this all took place yesterday takn him to vet..he’s had 1 dose of the liqid antibiotics ..today i wake up he was sleeping in same spot when i went to bed..still not eating nor drinking…i am a complete wreck..I’m not eating sleeping..this imy baby..did yr 3 year old cat get better??? Vet says if not thyroid he shud prolly b flushed but not till tomorrow ..i want my vet bills pId for by hartz..pray for my kitty he’s my worldim so scared an depressed..

  4. I have an 11 year old male cat names Snuffy and my parents thought that he had ear mites so we bought him these drops at Wal Mart. We gave them to him , 4 to 5 drops in each ear and massaged them just like it says. After about 5 days I noticed his ears we very red and irritated and he would hide places he never hid before, he wouldnt play, id even shake his treat bag that he would normally coming running too and he wouldnt come running like normal. I was really concerned for my kitty. And now were laying off the droos to see if he gets any better before taking him to the vet and he has a red patch under his left ear with hair coming off, he has bad pet dandruff, and theres brown flakey scabs all in his ears. Its really gross and I feel so bad, if he isnt better in the next couple days were going to take him to the Vet.

  5. Almost the same thing happened to our cat. We gave her the drops, she started getting more and more lethargic. She wouldn’t eat or drink, she could barely move. We ended up taking her to the vet, where she had to be put on an iv and given antibiotics. They didn’t help. Her kidney’s were already shutting down. Needless to say, we had to have her put to sleep so she wouldn’t have to suffer. Hartz is very toxic to cats and needs to be shut down!

  6. I have two cats with ear mites. I bought Hartz PetArmour ear mite meds at a local store for them. I no longer am using it as both of my kitties have been puking regularly. Also, sleeping a lot in places they don’t normally sleep (under the bed, etc.). In addition, they have been experiencing bad dandruff in their ears.
    I would not recommend this product! It is almost sure to make your cats either deathly ill or at least quite sick. At this point, I’m not sure what the results will be for my cats. Praying they will be ok!

  7. I had a 8 month cat named Storm. He ended up getting ear mites, like really bad ear mites. so I bought some Hartz ear mite drops from Walmart. Few days later he got really sick and unfortunately I couldn’t afford to take him to the vet. He ended up dieing within the week. I thought that he died because of the ear mites… from what I’ve read, ear mites if bad enough can kill your pet. However I read this article on Facebook about Hartz flea and tick removal…. the way this person described the symptoms in the article described the exact symptoms my cat had. So I did some research and well I’m almost 100% sure this “medication” poisoned my cat.

  8. I am flipping out I bought it and my 10 month old kitten is acting very lethargic and sleeping a lot to it is hot and it was $4 at Walmart this stuff should be off the shelves I am getting ready to bring it to the vet actually it is my daughter’s Gap but I wanted to comment inside of this forum

  9. I have a 10 year old cat, first time using I didn’t put 5 in only 3 drops and also stopped on the second day. I havnt given him any treatment and 2 days later he is still acting weird and his whole body feels warm. Also keeps shaking his head even more than he ever did before. I know my cat hopefully everyone sees the signs and stops before it gets worse I finally just broke down and got Eradimite Ear Mite Treatment for 25 bucks off 1800 petted for one time use. I should have known because my cat is allergic to hartz flea treatment also, so stupid me . My advice just get the good stuff, I know it’s expensive but don’t believe the reviews just because it works on one pet doesn’t mean it will work on yours.

  10. Damn,we got this kitten two weeks ago,was scratching ears lots so we used the hertz product as well! Ever since he is he got the drops husband gave extra hoping that would stop the mites from coming back,he is really not himself since the drops , should I be concerned?

  11. My healthy 12 y.o cat was scratching his ears a lot. We just moved to a very warm region of the U.S. I thought the problems was ear mites. I went to Walmart and purchased Hartz Ultra Guard Ear Mite Treatment for cats. For $4, I believed that I was saving money for a very common pet issue. I gave the recommended dosage for my cat’s weight on the first day. He was acting strangely within 3 hours. I thought he was just unpleased with the liquid in his ears. The next morning I noticed some watery vomit on my livingroom floor. I also found him panting with his tongue sticking out a bit. Somehow, I didn’t connect this with the medicine. Afterall, I thoght, Hatz is a good over-the-counter company with a blue ribbon reputation. Their specialty is pets, for goodness sake. So, I continued with the treatment for the second and third day. Besides the greasy hairs around his ears from the thick drops, nothing else seemed to be going on. By the fourth day of treatment, I noticed that my cat wasn’t responding to sounds. Not to his name, not to the sound of his food prep, and not to the sounds of my making noises right by his head. I of course got concerned. This was last night. I searched the net for any type of info about ear drops and hearing loss in cats. Found nothing much. This morning, I made an appointment with a vet, who won’t be able to see us until Monday. It’s Saturday morning as I write this. After speaking to the vet on the phone, I looked up reviews on this Hartz product specifically. Well, that’s when I found not only this hartzvictims site, but also other informative links about Hartz and their scary products. My cat, whose hearing had been razor sharp, might have acquired permanent hearing loss/deafness from something I purchased to help him. Of course, I’m discontinuing the treatment. I’m seeing the vet in a couple days, and it’s going to cost me serious money to get answers and professional help. And there’s a probability that my cat is now permenantly deaf. Thanks Hartz! Made in America and as toxic and poisonous as arsenic. BTW, I tried calling the consumer hotline number on the Hartz package. I got no one. However, the recorded message did give me an emergency phone number. It was a recorded survey to get you to sign up for a time share. My upcoming move is to call Hartz on Monday and inform them that they WILL be reimbursing me for veterinary bills. And I’m going to hope that once this poison has finally dried up in my cat’s ear canals, he’ll regain his hearing. Hartz corporation should be ashamed of what they’re selling to consumers. The FDA should very publicly shut them down.

  12. Same !!!! I couldn’t afford a vet bill but I knew if I didn’t do something he was going to die. Ended up having to feed my kitty water with a medicine dropper just so he could get some fluids but he would only take just a little at a time.. mixed a little milk with a lot of water too and 3 days later he finally stumbled to the top of the bed where I was sleeping and meowed… I knew he was going to be ok but still could hardly walk and didn’t have much of an appetite and days later he is still recovering but wow was that scary

  13. Wow.. I just took my 6 year old staffordshire terrier to the vet after suffering a ruptured eardrum post using Hartz ear mite treatment. In a similar sequence of events to many of the unfortunate stories I’ve read, my dog Sprinkles had been excessively scratching his ears for a couple days. Upon looking inside his ear I noticed a lot of brown waxy buildup which was said to be symptomatic of an ear mite infestation. I was shopping and saw the hartz ear mite treatment, read the label and saw that it described what I saw in my dogs ears. He is a large dog so I put the drops in his ears according to weight. He seemed to get some relief as he was finally able to fully flap his ears again.. The next day upon waking up, I noticed he stumbled over as if he were inebriated, then when he tried to shake his head he nearly fell over again. Followed by vomiting and a head tilt I realized something was extremely wrong. I took him to the vet and he had an ear infection/ruptured eardrum. I wanted to research before jumping to any conclusion, however upon reading the commentary on this site, I can sadly relate to the stories and now see that it isn’t a random occurrence.

  14. We were giving our cat Gary’s ear mite medicine. After2 days she was getting more determined that she was not going to let us put anymore in her ears. We managed for a couple more days. Each time was worse than the others. Started keeping to herself upstairs. We looked in her ears and used pet q-tips with a cleaner built in and kitty’s ears were bloody with dark chunks and they were terribly sore. Hartz is known for poor products. I was trying to save a few bucks. Never again! All of their products need to be removed from the shelves. I was trying to help her with ear mites and instead I caused our cat nothing but misery from this crap!!

  15. I just gave my kitten theses drops a few hours ago and almost immediately after he started acting different. He was playing normal right before the drops and after the drops he was walking funny. He kept picking up his feet as if he couldn’t feel them and he was still kind of playing but moving very slow. He layed down shortly after and has been sleeping ever since but acts strange when he wakes up for a short time and is really jumpy. He is very active normally and its obvious that something is wrong.

  16. Update- I posted last night because I knew my kitten wasn’t the same and I was right because I took him in and the vet told me that hartz was bad and she hated it because it has killed some cats. They had to flush my kittens ears and give him 2 shots and a bath to clean the oil off. 1 of the vet assistants kept saying how she hoped this worked but she didn’t know if it would and she knew when I called and told her what I did that she had to work me in. I now want hartz to pay for what they are doing to animals just to make a dollar. How they sleep at night is beyond me..If anyone has any suggestions on what I can do about this please let me know

  17. My cat died from these awful drops 04-12-18 the most horrible death imaginable honestly take to Twitter with your stories! And Facebook share share share! If Hartz won’t do anything we can! I have emailed them several times same thing they want the rest of the product back! Probably to destroy the evidence. Even then they said payment is not guaranteed

  18. My 11 month old cat had been staying away/to himself more and for a few days I started noticing he looked like he was losing weight, then one afternoon my roommate found him laying under her bed and had urinated all over himself, it was on a Sunday and no vets in my area was open. I racked my brain trying to come up with an answer as to what made my cat this sick so fast. So I wrapped him in blankets and watched him just lay there struggling to breath with this blank stare and ever so often he would meow and I attempted with a dropper to give him Pedialyte but it would just run out of his mouth, after about two hours I could barely tell he was breathing and I watched him take his last breath. So it was a blessing that I stumbled across this on the internet and I immediately knew this was the answer as to why my cat died bc I had maybe four days before his death treated him with hartz earmite treatment, it all suddenly made sense.

  19. I have a 4 year old cat and I noticed lately that she has been scratching her ears and shaking her head meowing pitifully. What should I do I mean I will not put these drops in hears but watching her breaks my heart. Is there a safe home remedy for ear mites?

  20. I just bought these drops to treat my 4 cats, pug, 4 bunnies and baby goat. Thank god I decided to do some research before using them! I’m thinking I’ll try some olive oil and garlic instead! I’m so sorry to hear about everyone’s poor fur babies! You all just possably saved 10 lives tonight!

  21. Same crap! I gave my 10 year old angel,CowCow the same Hartz Ultra for earmutes and immediateky she acted disoriented and been sleeping in strange places always she’s slept with me. I purchased those poison drops from Walmart. That was a week ago today is Sept 30 and she has an appointment It. 3rd with the Vet.if anything happens to my angel due to these damn drops…Best BELIEVE THERE WILL BE A MAJIR WAR/BATTLE for the Hartz company!

  22. Help.. all the stories, and I used on my 3 cats. They are sleeping non stop. After reading I gave them baths to wash off what I could. Please tell me they will be ok! Has anything worked to save the cats??

  23. I treated My 3 cats with Hartz ear mite Medicine Within Seconds My 9 month old Energetic kitty went from playing and sleeping with us to Hiding under furniture and constantly sleeping She no longer plays, she will eat but only soft food and ONLY if I bring it to her .. She’s urinating but her poo has become black .. Its been almost a month and she’s not getting any better, unfortunately I can’t afford a vet right now So I stay up around the clock giving her Pedialyte and Telling her I
    love her..
    They should be sued

    1. I am so sorry. My cat went deaf and blind after I used the same “medicine”. His big, green eyes turned cloudy and yellow right in front of me. He couldn’t walk, couldn’t vacate, couldn’t eat or drink. He died a slow, painful death. I have never been the same. I was the author of his demise and I loved him. I will always love him. His eyes are always in front of me and the emptiness is a hard thing to live with. Victims of Hartz need to come together and hire an attorney to shut Hartz down forever.

  24. I am so sorry. My cat went deaf and blind after I used the same “medicine”. His big, green eyes turned cloudy and yellow right in front of me. He couldn’t walk, couldn’t vacate, couldn’t eat or drink. He died a slow, painful death. I have never been the same. I was the author of his demise and I loved him. I will always love him. His eyes are always in front of me and the emptiness is a hard thing to live with. Victims of Hartz need to come together and hire an attorney to shut Hartz down forever.

  25. ☆I highly suggest coconut oil to treat ear mites on cats!☆
    11 year old odd-eye Khao Manee/Turkish Angora: Juliet “Mama” has ear mites, irritating her to the point of scratching half of each ear off. They are raw, swollen, & bleeding. I purchased Hartz Ear Mites Treatment but have not used it, nor will I use it. I am so glad that I researched the ingredients and specific reviews for this product. I had an issue with the extent of caution warnings towards contact with human skin… If it should not come into contact with our skin, it’s obviously shouldn’t with our cat’s skin. I came across an article about two weeks ago, suggesting coconut oil for treating ear mites on cats. Apply a few drops to each of your cat’s ears a day for a couple of weeks* with no harm done to your feline friend. *varies with size/ weight of cat. It’s all natural and isn’t toxic (because I watched Juliet groom her ears for 45 minutes directly after I applied) The main ingredient of Hartz product is Pyrethrins (cats are very sensitive and can be fatal) .05%. Then, .50% is Piperonyl Butoxide which basically enhances the effects of Pyrethrins (making it more toxic) and the remaining ingredients are labeled as “other”, which I don’t like, given the ingredients they do tell you they used are horrible to begin with. I will not use the product from Hartz nor will I return it, it shouldn’t be sold period. I will continue with the coconut oil since she has had a couple days of relief and seems very grateful the itching has temporarily subsided. Highly suggest coconut oil to treat ear mites on cats!

  26. I just used it on my kitten like 30 minutes ago. He was fine until he started scream-meowing and stuff. He seemed like he was in a lot of pain. We rinsed his ears. I hope it helps. After reading all of this I feel so bad and my heart hurts. I cant stop crying. I dont want him to die…. Or get really sick… Hes my baby. 💔💔💔💔

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