Human Reaction!! HELP!!

We have been bathing Bella for almost 5 months now with The Hartz Flea and Tick shampoo. We have been having a crazy itch and horrible rashing with no clue why. Shes tick and flea free, BUT we are miserable with a horrible rash and itch that wont go away. She has been peeing and pooping irregularly and its everytime we bath her it gets bad. PLEASE HELP!!!

What are the dangers to human contact with this product, and how the heck do we get rid of the itch and start over again for Bella’s health and ours 🙂


2 thoughts on “Human Reaction!! HELP!!”

  1. Do not ever use a flea and tick shampoo on an animal.
    It is dangerous for the animal and you do not need it.
    Just plain dish soap will do the trick.
    I use Joy Dish soap because it has the least amount of chemicals.
    I works perfect and is a whole lot cheaper.
    I have a eighty pound pit bull dog and one bottle of joy will last me a year.

  2. I agree with James.. a mild dish soap would remove the product from your pets skin. By the symptoms your pet is having, it is an adverse reaction to the flea treatment. Please see our FB page, Hartz Products are killing our pets” as it offers information to help you and your pet. You need to get the toxins out of your pets system before it can shut down his organs. Apparently your pet doesn’t have a severe reaction, but does have a reaction, nonetheless. I would contact a vet for advice on the best resolution to your pet. Lots of the otc products have pyrethrins in them.. which are poison to our pets. THey cannot metabolize the chemical and is quite harmful and dangerous. Good luck! I hope you find resolution soon!

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