Golden Retriever sick

The weekend before I Thanksgiving, I used Hartz UltraGuard Plus flea drops on my Golden. Thanksgiving Day she vomited, and since then has had loose stools and vomiting almost daily. She has been to the vet. 5 times, and is now in the hospital with I-V’s.
So far the vet bills have been over $2,000 and growing. Why is this product allowed to be on the market when it is so dangerous?
It breaks my heart that I might loose her.

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    this food grade DE really helped me to deworm my cat.
    it is like a light in the tunnel, if you are looking for a healthier alternative to all the chemicals,
    i am so sorry how you are feeling. did you hear about using dawn.
    but please go to this website and hopefully you will find info.yours patricia

  2. HI David and Patricia! Thank you for your posts.. so sorry to hear about how your pet is suffering.. Please know that Hartz will reimburse you for your vet bills, but you will need to document everything well and be persistent. They won’t like it.. but they will pay you.

    Also, Please see a Facebook page, I started with a friend from Canada.. trying to promote awareness about Hartz and information to file a complaint with the EPA – the agency that governs what products are allowed on our shelves.

    “Hartz PRoducts are killing our pets”… I, too, watched my cat suffer. She died in 3 minutes due to “Groomers Best Hairball shampoo” I now dedicate alot of my free time at nights, promoting awareness to others in hopes of joining together and getting Hartz off the shelves! Will pray for your pet, David.. and Thank you for your information Patricia..

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