Thank you for this site!!

I discovered earlier today that my pom had a few fleas. We are currently treating our shepherd for geardia and did not have the means to purchase the Frontline products but intended to do so at a later date when my husband got paid again. In turn, we had purchased some items from Walmart which included the Hartz flea and tick drops. Just as my husband was bathing the puppy with Adams flea shampoo I googled the Hartz products and this site came up right away. I told him there was no way in HELL that we were going to use this on our dogs. We discovered this site literally moments before we intended on using these products. I knew that I just had a bad feeling about using them. We decided that it is worth a bit of misery to wait until we can afford Frontline next week. They will all end up dying off after that is being used anyways. I want to kill these fleas, not my dogs!

Natural Alternatives For Flea and Tick Treatment

I can’t believe all these stories. I am so sorry to all of you. I beg you all to check into Diatomaceous Earth or better known as DE. Make sure this is the Food Grade DE, the pool grade can kill your pet. I only use Food Grade DE on my pets for flea and tick control. It is mechanical not a chemical kill. You can feed it to your animals daily and dust them with it. It can also be applied to carpets and pet beds. The only thing you have to be careful about is getting the very fine dust coating their nose. So cover their nose or make sure you use down wind of their face in windy conditions. It is totally safe other than that. I have used this and organic control in the yard and have never had a bad problem with fleas or ticks.

Another Heartbreaking story

I too bought HARTZ flea and tick and gave my French bulldog a bath. I didn’t know it could be toxic. She started having seizures and died withing 30 to 45 minutes. It was so traumatic. I had no idea what had happened. She was such a joy in my life and I miss her so much. How could this be happening and Hartz is getting away with it. What more can we do to make them pay?

anything to get this out of their system?

I applied Hartz drops to my dog about a week ago, she seemed to be ok and then all of a sudden she got very weak, cant walk down steps, jump on bed.. and shes pacing around my house, I dont know what to do, I have called my vet and they are closed but had emergency numbers but dont have $119. just to walk in the doors 🙁

I read to give them a bath in dishsoap ( i did that) but its probably already in her blood stream, Its been about a week now! I called poison control and they couldnt (wouldnt) help with out paying $65. first and dont even know for sure they can help!


hartz made my cat sick.

Although I have used Hartz on my cat before with no issue, it was different this time. Last night I put the Hartz flea drops on both of my cats. Almost immediatly they began licking it off and acting crazy. My boy cat was fine after awhile, but my girl cat become sick and lethargic. Luckily she is feeling better today, but I am definatley not using that brand again. One thin I was wondering is, it says not to get in cats eyes or mouth on the package…bt I dont know how you can really stop a cat from licking itself. Why hasnt anyone came out any non-toxic flea drops???

my poor cat had to be put to sleep

Two days ago I noticed a few fleas on my cat. I went to petco and purchased a flea and tick spray made for puppies, dogs, cats and kittens from Zodiac. I gave my cat a bath and sprayed this on her. Immediately after her eyes became very wide and would just stare into space, she began twitching, shaking and was non- responsive. She was unable to stand on her own and would just fall over to her side. I took her to the vet emergency care. The first question the veternarian asked was if i had bathed her with flea products. I was handed an estimated $2,000 bill stating that she would need to be put into the hospital for 2-3days to flush her body of the toxins and recover. I was not able to pay that and instead had to have my cat put to sleep.

The report states that she suffered from Pyrethrin Toxicity. She was only six years old. I am in shock that a product that was supposed to help my pet wound up killing her.

There are overwhelming deaths and terrible sideffects due to the use of this product, it should be banned. I want to pet owners to know the danger of this product and get this product off the market. I will not stop here.

SOOO Glad I found this Site in time!!!! :(

Last night I bought the Hartz flea medication for dogs from Walmart and the Sergeant’s flea medication for cats. I knew that it probably wouldn’t have worked 100% liek Frontline or Advantage but I was just laid off from my job and couldn’t afford the $75 it would have been from the vet for the good stuff so I thought this would have been better than them having nothing on…until I googled a search for reviews about the two products. I also bought the Hartz flea shampoo for dogs. I was planning on going home today from work and bathing my animals and putting the flea stuff on them but I’m SOOOOOOO very glad I came across this site in time. I would have absolutely died if I would have caused that much pain and injury to my babies. I will be returning those things back to Walmart tonight and complaining to the supervisor about the side effects of those products, which probably won’t do any good but at least I’ll get it out there and then maybe he’ll do something or say something about it to someone higher up.

I will sell something of mine just to have the money to buy the GOOD flea medication for my pets instead of going the cheap way out and almost killing them. I am also going to complain to the Hartz company and go above and beyond and do everything I can to try to put a stop to stores selling this.

Again, thank all of you so much for your stories and warning on here! I know it’s too late for your pets, but you just saved 2 mini-dachshund puppies, and 3 kittens. 🙂

My Yorkie

11/2/2010..I need help. I sprayed hartz 2and1 Flea tick spray on my Yorkie yesterday. Last night my dog was laying and couldn’t get. I toke him to vet they did x rays and blood test and determined his having a reaction from this spray. I have bath him with dish soap. I feed him and gave him water, but he still can not stand up. Is their anything else I can do? and how can I make Hartz pay for my Vet bill? and my missed work? My Yorkie cost me 1000…My email is [email protected]