hartz flea drops

At the end of summer I gave these drops to one of my cats within 48 to 72 hours he was throwing up and foaming at the mouth.  He was lethargic and acted like he was going to die.  After hours of trying to get a vet to answer on a Sunday, I took him into the vet.  They started him on an IV and said he had kidney problems.  They gave him an oral medicine, pills and the IV.  Well he got better and I did not relate the drops to the episode until I gave the drops to another one of my cats this past week and he had the same signs.  Unfortunately, he was not as lucky, he died with in hours of the symptoms.  I called Hartz and they said that the cats probably licked the treatment.  Well it was on the back of their necks and in my opinion, could not possibly lick that part of their bodies.  I told them that I have other cats and they would more than likely be the ones licking the treatment.  Hartz offered no suggestions and did not want to test the third treatment but wanted my dead cat.  Hartz needs to be off of the market.

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  1. Please see our Facebook page to help with awareness against Hartz. Facebook page “Hartz Products are killing our Pets”.. Communication is key.. Please let everyone you know about Hartz so our pets won’t suffer in vain!

  2. I put the hartz flea and tick drops on my 7 month old dog and within 2 hours she was throwing up and staying were she threw up.she was weak and would not move. This is the last time I will ever ever use a hartz product!!!!!

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