Hartz Ultra Guard Flee and Tick Shampoo gave my dog a seizure!

Yesterday my husband and I gave my 2 year old dog a bath. He had not had a bath for about three months. We used the Hartz Ultra Guard Flee and Tick Shampoo in the afternoon. He was sad like always to get a bath but we did not think anything of it. Around 10:30pm he suddenly had a seizure for a minute and got up drank a lot of water and acted fine a little shaken up but normal. My husband and I freaked out and called the emergency vet line and rushed him to the emergency vet hospital. They asked us if he was exposed to anything and we said the only thing we did different was give him a bath. This was the second time using this type of shampoo and i used a lot this time because he was really stinky. The didn’t question it at all. We went home and he slept with us. The next morning we stayed home to watch him and my husband found this website and we could not believe this stuff is so toxic. I feel like the worse mom in the world and I hope we haven’t caused any long term damage to my baby! We called the vet to let them know to warn everyone not to use Hartz products, I am so mad and upset I caused this to happen to my poor dog! Hartz must be stopped!

3 thoughts on “Hartz Ultra Guard Flee and Tick Shampoo gave my dog a seizure!”

  1. I am very sorry to hear about your dog’s seizure.

    Hartz UltraGuard Flea and Tick Shampoo contains a pesticide that targets the central nervous system of insects, but it has the same effect on animals and humans. Large doses of it are more likely to cause adverse effects in animals and humans. Adverse effects are also more likely to occur if a flea and tick shampoo is used along with other pet products that contain pesticide (e.g. spot-on products, flea collars).

    Please contact Hartz and let them know what happened to your dog. I would also seek reimbursement of your emergency vet expenses from Hartz.

    I hope that your dog will recover quickly.

  2. I just bathed my dog in Hartz Oatmeal flea and tic shampoo. I did it according to instructions and rinsed very well. A few hours later and he is shaking real bad. I am worried and angry they sell this stuff since I am now reading that lots of people have had the same issue.

    1. I just had the same issue after bathing my 5 pound shorkie poo in Hartz Flea and Tick bath. He immediately was burned by the wash and vomit then started shaking uncontrollably. Took him to the vet who gave him 2 injections and an anti seizure pill. We are home now and he’s barely moving. I’m so mad. I bathed him with quiet a bit too because I wanted to give him a good bath. Is your pet okay!? I’m terrified.

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